Blog from Chris Longgrear


What have you ever deserved from the Lord? NOTHING!

How much of the kingdom of God have you purchased? NONE OF IT!

How much of God’s goodness have you merited? NOT A BIT OF IT!

How much of God’s kingdom are you freely & entitled to? ALL OF IT!

Let us stay mindful of the reality that everything that we receive(d) from God & His kingdom is entirely & eternally a gift!

As a gift, God’s blessing in our life is from Him, by Him, because of Him!

We deserved nothing, earned nothing, merited nothing from God, and yet He provided salvation & everything that goes with it, out of the ‘graceness’ (a play on the word, greatness) of His heart & will!

The Holy Trinity worked in tandem to provide everything that pertains to life & godliness for every person that calls upon Jesus as Lord!

As the ‘Redemption Team’, they all contributed to our salvation that shall never fail nor fade!

The Heavenly Father thought it, Jesus wrought it, & the Holy Spirit brought it!

All of salvation is totally a gift!

Eternal life is a gift: righteousness is a gift: holiness is a gift: being sealed by the Spirit is a gift: the divine nature within us is a gift: the love of God is a gift: the anointing of God upon us is a gift: being seated in Heavenly places is a gift: healing is a gift of Calvary: the presence of God in us is a gift: and on & on….

The more we recognize & realize the ‘giftiness’ of God that we’ve been blessed with, the more we appreciate it, & the freer we become in it!

We are born-again, because Abba, Father, wanted His children restored to Him!

We’re cleansed from sin by the blood of Jesus because the Holy Trinity yearned to be in fellowship & relationship with each of us!

The Holy Spirit dwells within us to seal us as God’s children & servants, so that Heaven can manifest in the Earth, in us, among us, & through us!

God freely, fully, & forever justified the ungodly, changing our status with Him forever, & we had nothing to do with it!

Everything that we possess from God is a total & eternal gift!

God made the unacceptable acceptable, not through what we did, but through what He Himself did, via the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary, & by the indwelling of the Spirit of Holiness in every Christian!

I am freely, fully, & forever-ly a child of my daddy, the Heavenly Father!

I am born-again of Him, not by the works or will of man, but by the works & will of God!

Am I free to sin? NO! I am free from sin, by being a partaker of the divine nature!

If & when I sin in the natural, I may be challenging people’s perception of my ‘conditional righteousness’ in their eyes & opinions, but I cannot tamper with my positional righteousness, which is who & what I am in God!

Who & what I am in God has nothing to do with what I do or don’t do, but is anchored in what Jesus did for me legally at Calvary, & what the Holy Spirit does literally in through the new-birth!

As the Scripture above asks, the work & fruit of salvation that the Holy Spirit implemented within our spirit & life, can we maintain it by works of the flesh? NO!

As the Scripture says in the New Testament & Gospels of Jesus that which is done by the flesh amounts to fleshliness, & that which is done by the Spirit is spiritual!

We have spiritual perfection dwelling in us! We can’t add anything to it, nor take away from it, but we can yield to it, & allow it to lead us in righteousness!

Because I know that all of my salvation is a gift provided to me willingly & joyfully by Daddy, my big brother Jesus, & by my keeper, the Holy Spirit, I am convinced that they are consumed by love for me, & as I feed on fellowship with Them, I am in turn consumed by love for them!

As a result, their gifts to me are causing my life to become a dedicated gift to them!

Nope, I earned nothing from God, & have settled that issue in my mind & heart.

Therefore, I am a gift from them, in them, for them, & to them!

Thank you Daddy, you sure make nice gifts!