Fact Or Truth

JanieBaer on November 26th, 2014

I want to share with you what the Lord spoke to me concerning the facts in life and the Truth and what are facts and what is truth. If we are ever going to live by faith and get faith and Heaven’s results then we have to know the Truth and not let facts talk […]

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I want to remind you of the words Isaiah the prophet spoke to king Hezekiah when he was threatened by another king so that when you are threatened by thoughts that put pressure on you to fear and be anxious and make you feel helpless and hopeless you will have something to stop all of […]

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The systems of this world are trying to box us in, fence us in, tie our hands, and put pressure on us in order to make us believe things can’t be changed, we can’t go beyond certain limits, “there’s no way out” and we are just confined to what this world dictates.  Our society, culture […]

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