With everything pretty much shutdown in the world because of the virus I wanted to share this communion over your finances so that you can remember the finished work of Christ that guarantees you financial increase even in this time.  God does not want you to depend on the world system or a job to meet your needs but He wants you to remember the covenant He made with you through Christ Jesus and that He will take care of you.

Communion Over Our Finances

We receive communion over our finances and expect a breakthrough today.

God created the Lord’s Supper for us to partake of everything Jesus’ sacrifice provided for our salvation; peace of mind, healing of the body and total financial prosperity.

Partaking of Communion today, we are receiving of everything Jesus died for at Calvary, restoring back to us all that was lost in the sin of Adam. Drinking of the cup, we are receiving the Blood of Jesus to wash us clean and deliver us from all sins, all iniquities, all transgressions, including those of our family blood line clear back to Adam. Eating of the bread, we are receiving the physical and spiritual torment Jesus endured that totally delivered us from sickness, disease, all infirmities and every part of the curse that includes worry, care, and fear for our finances, and all the curses of poverty, lack, debt, not enough, just enough and our efforts to work for our provision and pay for everything.

The Communion table is our healing table, deliverance table, the power to prosper table and the confession table and is the powerhouse of God to manifest it all in us today.

Taking Communion, it drives our roots even deeper into our faith in what the covenant of God means to us, and what the body and blood of Jesus has paid for, for us. We use our faith to take Communion now and we do so with determined purpose to see manifestation of all Jesus’ sacrifice gave to us. We take Communion today appropriating the Blood of Jesus over every area of our lives and thanking Him for all He has done.

Examine Ourselves Before We Take Communion.

The Bible tells us to examine our hearts (1 Corinthians 11:28-29) and so Lord, we ask for forgiveness in areas where we have missed the mark (strife, unforgiveness, offense, jealousy, envy, hatred, covetousness, and all fear, worry, doubt and unbelief concerning our financial increase more and more. We are exercising great faith and expectation, receiving everything Jesus’ sacrifice provided for our financial increase more and more.

Partake of the bread

We partake of the bread which symbolizes the physical and spiritual torment Jesus bore to redeem us from all areas of the curse. With this in mind, we declare, Lord, it’s not right that we suffer from poverty, lack, debt, not enough or just enough and working for a living to pay for everything. We judge it now as being from Satan, and we reject it. We refuse to identify with the first man Adam who brought us under such curses and instead identify with the Last Man Adam Jesus Christ who got for us every blessing in our New Testament Covenant with Him. We refuse to receive the curse and put up with the curse any longer in our finances. We partake of the sacrifice of Jesus’ body, and we receive the abundant life that Jesus provided for us, in Jesus Name.”

Partake of the Cup

Father, we give You thanks for all You have provided for us through the New Covenant in Christ Jesus. We partake of those promises now. We are healed and made whole now; spirit, soul, body and finances. We are redeemed from the curse in our finances. We are prosperous for we are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath and we lend to many and borrow from none. We take the prosperity You sacrificed to give us, and we thank You and praise You for it in Jesus Name. The body and blood of Jesus covers every area of our existence including finances. So, we have placed ourselves before God and received Communion as the children of Israel did, ready to receive deliverance in our finances!

Declarations After Communion:

We are settled in the matter that we have taken Communion and received deliverance in our finances now, that our finances are blessed in every way according to God’s Word and we know it is done.

We will struggle no more in your finances for we have believed and received by faith the breakthrough Christ Jesus has secured for us.

We will never again bear the weight of our own provision for God never intended for us to bear the weight of our own provision.

We will never again work for a living or work for provision for God never intended for us to work for a living and work for our provision, but work the Kingdom of God spiritual law of seedtime and harvest that produces increase to us more and more.

We will never again be in debt to Babylon for all debts are paid for, God said so, making Jesus our Jubilee.

The Blessing of the Garden, The Blessing of Abraham and The Blessing of the Kingdom of God now empowers us to prosper in every way so that we get richer and richer by the day until we become very wealthy.

The Lord shall increase us more and more, both us and our children.

Great grace is on us now making us to always possess enough to require no aid or support and becoming great givers and great harvesters from our giving.

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