Deuteronomy 8:18 (KJV) But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

Confession of Abraham Blessing on the Inside

Go back to the Book of Genesis and observe that power in the life of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Observe that power at work and continue to declare,

I receive the power to get wealth by The Blessing of Abraham that is in me right now.

I don’t look on the outside because it is in me and all I need is in me right now.

All I need to pay off everything is in me right now in the form of The Blessing of Abraham.

Glory to God that’s in me.

I have the power to get wealth.

The Blessing of the Lord is on the inside of me.

I release that power in the Name of Jesus.

I believe I receive The Blessing beyond measure.

I have that power; it is resident in me right now.

There’s financial greatness on the inside of me.

I am an extremely wealthy person.

Check Out All Giving Over the Last Five Years & Multiply It by a Hundred

That hundredfold belongs to you.  Aggressively receive it for it is on the inside of you and not the outside someplace. You’re rich on the inside so you can be rich on the outside.

Go back to Genesis and Find What It Says About the Faith of Abraham

You have the same faith as Abraham.

Go to Galatians 3 and See You Are Blessed with Father Abraham.

Galatians 3:29 (KJV) And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Take the Time To Meditate the Scriptures

If you will take the time to meditate these scriptures in Genesis and Galatians long enough, then you are going to find that you have The Blessing of Abraham and that you are rich right now and not in a matter of time.  You are rich right now.

Start Thinking Rich

Start saying, I don’t have it now, but it is just a matter of time and I’ll have it.  You wait and see.

Then set a goal at least a million dollars. Say, I set the goal I will have a million dollars in the bank in Jesus Name and I will be the biggest giver in my church.

Your mind might say there ain’t no way you can have a million dollars and you are right there is no way you can ever have a million dollars until your soul prospers with the meditation of the Word of God on The Blessing of Abraham.

Also, there are a few little things to do like, don’t try to use all the toothpaste out of the tube but trash it with a little in there and don’t have bunches of plastic containers you saved that fill your cabinet.  Clean house.

A Prosperous Soul

It’s liberal, strong, prosperous soul that gives, that earmarks a prosperous soul. (2 Corinthians 9:6-11)

Deuteronomy 8:18

Deuteronomy 8:18, gives to us the power to get wealth to establish His covenant.  This is covenant. He promised He would do it. This covenant is backed by the Blood of Jesus.

The Danger of Going Into Debt

You might not think it would hurt to go in debt with a banker but when you go in debt with a banker then you have to bow your knee and become connected to a banker and so then you are connected to everything he is and whatever he is doing, and this is serious, very serious. You don’t see it, but it is in the spirit and there are spirits involved.

The Lord Wants Us to Know We Need to Come & Get What He Has Provided for Us

I heard a man say the Lord told him that it has been very difficult to get His people to come and get what He had provided for them.  That He has provided more then they could see any way for them to use.  That He could provide beyond their ability to ask or think. That He needs them to come up there with Him and think with Him. That they shouldn’t be on the earth looking up to Heaven for He has raised them up to sit with Him.  That they are seated there now if they would just change their attitude and change elevations.

The Lord said, that He told the devil to crawl on his belly, but He has told us to come up here.  The Lord said, come up to the throne of God and sit with Me on the throne of grace and look at all I have provided for you.  I have made you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.  He said that we need to just understand and realize that He is the Lord that healeth thee and that He is the Lord that gives us the power to get wealth and receive that power. He said that He has blessed us with The Blessing of Abraham and blessed us with a future that’s glorious and beyond compare.

The Lord Wants Us to Know He is Our Debt Freedom

The Lord wants us to know this is the moment for your debt freedom. He wants you to know He has always been our debt freedom and nothing else in the financial realm. So, when you reach out to Him to be your debt freedom then He will do it because He is your freedom from owing any man anything but to love him.

Don’t Look Anywhere Else For Your Debt Freedom!

Don’t look at your present income nor your present employer.  Don’t look and say, how can I get out beyond this? No, keep looking at Jesus for He is your Way out.  He will lift you out of debt so fast you will wonder what happened.  I can personally testify to that.  These are the days of God’s freedom, freedom from debt.  He has got ways to do it you never heard of and things you have only dreamed of.  I can personally testify to that.

Today You Are Now Debt Free!

The Lord says the first step is obedience to His Word and the next step is freedom from fear.  You will never be afraid of not having enough when you take the Lord as your Financier because He has more than enough ways and means to prosper you.  You maybe can think of a few ways to prosper you, but He’s got millions of ways to prosper you.  He has ways to prosper you that you never heard of and if you will allow Him, He will share them with you. He may show you witty inventions, show you things in your dreams and he could show you where needs are, and He will finance all this on the way.

The thing the Lord wants you to know is He can’t do His full way out of debt with debt hanging over your head and someone else as the lord of your finances.  For debt is very dangerous if you don’t know the person to whom you are indebted.  You think you are indebted to a bank, but do you know the banker? Do you know the demons in his life? Do you know what that bank supports?  If you owe that bank, you’re supporting it.  For these things in the spirit are extremely dangerous, very, very dangerous.  You have people in your life, demons, devils that you have no idea how they got in there.  It’s because instead of coming to the Lord, you bowed your knee to a stranger.  Debt is horrible and it is dangerous.

I believe you are now moving in the proper direction of the Lord. For you see, even if you are still in debt, you have seen the truth and the Lord is protecting you now.  The moment you decided to believe the Lord and step out of the debt problem and the debt cage; the Lord immediately takes your part and He will protect you from every devil, He’ll protect you from everything the devil’s holding against you.  Today, saith the Lord, every person who has made the decision to be debt free; I declare you are debt free today. Now give thanks and praise to the Lord for making you debt free.


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