Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

Here are some encouraging words to speak to yourself when you are facing discouraging times:

I am developed in godly courage and this power is available to me in discouraging times.  Because I have courage I have the ability to see victory, to see good things happen to me when things look bad or things look like they will never change.

Through godly courage I have the ability to conquer fear or despair, be brave and have a mindset that enables me to stand fast in the face of every opposition, hardship or danger.

I trust God because I have settled in my heart; when I face extremities I know it is God’s opportunity to step in as I continue to believe He is at work.

I live by faith in God and His Word and expect things to turn out just like God promised me.  I realize if God has promised me something it is not going to be automatic for I have an enemy and this is a faith fight.  These things belong to me therefore I have courage to stay in faith to possess my inheritance.  I will not be a coward and cop out but will rather operate in God’s courage.  I will trust God till I see the victory.  I will finish this fight of faith even though through the process I might not understand everything, for God has assured me it is mine.  With faith, patience and expectation I walk this out to receive my promise.

I know for sure there is no failure in God, there is no defeat in God, and there is no deficiency in God and so I have courage in discouraging times.

I enter into the rest He promised me by revelation of Him, revelation of His burden removing, yoke destroying power, revelation of the Holy Spirit, revelation of the Word, revelation of ministrying angels sent to assist me and also the revelation of His yoke being easy and His burdens light.  I now have the courage to act like I don’t have a problem because I have the revelation that I can now rest since God is in control of every situation I give to Him that is beyond me.

I know for sure that God is never at the end of His wits end and knows no extremities and no finalities because nothing is final with my God.  And really nothing is final with me!  As a child of God I am promised to win and I believe I am a winner right now!

Along with godly courage, God’s presence will be with me all the way through.  So I am strong and of good courage and will not fear, be dismayed, shaken nor lose courage.  I am not shaken if things look like they are not working or if something doesn’t happen tomorrow for I know it has to happen.  That’s why I study God’s Word to find out what He has promised me; for then I find courage for each situation and my mind, will and emotions stay in courage and the Holy Spirit is able to remind me of scriptures for each opportunity to be discouraged.Jesus has told me that in the world there are opportunities for tribulation, trials, distress and frustration but I am of good courage, confident, certain of what I believe and undaunted by it all; for Jesus has overcome the world I face every day and has deprived it of its power to harm me and has conquered it for me.I am born of God so I am victorious over this world and this is guaranteed by my faith in Jesus Christ and His finished work for me. I no longer think I am unable to get out of a situation, because I have courage and I understand the Spirit of God is at hand, ready to assist me in whatever I need to do andHe is going to bring me through to victory.

There is a due season made for me and awaiting me.  The Bible promises me that weeping will only endure for a season for joy cometh in the morning because I have courage and trust my Lord.

I have an article I have written posted on my website, www.godswordalive.com, entitled “How To Be Encouraged In Discouraging Times” to further encourage you.

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