Let the devil fool us no longer.  The cause of cancer is fear, worry, anxiety and stress!  And the only preventative and cure of cancer is the revelation of the love of God!  The only answer comes from the Word and the Spirit!  That’s the simple truth!  It’s not complicated!  The Lord does not want us to wonder any longer!  That’s what the Lord told me this morning after I asked Him for a clear cut answer to why all the cancer in the body of Christ.  I was angry because I saw all this cancer in the body of Christ and so many Christians suffering long and hard and dying of cancer and it seemed like we were getting nowhere in delivering God’s children from this spirit of cancer!

He said the love of God casts out all fear and if people who have been diagnosed with cancer will meditate the Word on the love of God and speak it out, that it would cast out fear and also destroy all cancer!

All scriptures on the love of God and confessions as well can be accessed on my site at httpsssss://godswordalive.com/love-scriptures-index.

Christ is the BIG C in the hearts and minds of the Body of Christ and His love casts out all fear even fear of cancer!  GLORY TO OUR GOD!

He also told me The Blessing of the Lord is His Compassionate Covenant that is our insurance and our assurance and that’s all the insurance that we need.  The Israelites in Goshen had the revelation of The Blessing insurance and were untouched by the plagues in Egypt because they knew the power of The Blessing that was The Blessing of Abraham passed down to them.

The Body of Christ can use the Word of the love of God and cast out all fear, worry, anxiety and stress and use it to cure cancer!

That proves again that Christ the Living Word, Compassion Himself is the BIG C and not cancer and its fear.

So if you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or if you want to prevent cancer then a big dose of the Word of God of the love of God and the Truth you have the insurance and the assurance of the Blessing Covenant that is the Compassion Covenant of God for all His children is all that is needed!  Check out this site on the power of The Blessing and just see how much insurance coverage you have:  httpsssss://www.thehealingword.co.za/PDF1.pdf

This spirit of cancer hates the body of Christ and his commission and his mission is to kill every Christian!  This is a spirit of hate and full of pride

  • and laughs when he has attacked a Christian with cancer through fear, worry, anxiety and stress
  • and causes them to suffer long and hard
  • and they don’t have answers for how to get rid of it for sure
  • and once again causes their death
  • and leaves their Kingdom assignment undone so the world cannot be reached for Christ.
  • And besides that why would anybody in the world, the heathen, want to listen to the Church that is being diagnosed with cancer and suffers long and hard and dies from cancer just like they do? That’s the scheme and the operation of this spirit of cancer!

The truth is the revelation of the love of God casts out all fear, worry, anxiety and stress.  So meditation of the Word of the love of God and revelation of its preventative medicine (the Word is medicine to all of our flesh Proverbs 4:20-22)destroys the work of this spirit of cancer and thus destroys all cancer cells in a body!

Hebrews 4:12  For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective];… AMP

Don’t doubt any longer the power of God’s Word and God’s Word of His love for you!  The world around us is filled every single day with fear, speaking fear words, acting out of fear and it tries to get on us!  Don’t allow it!  Keep your spirit strong with the Word of God and listening to the voice of the Spirit speaking to you of His love and that fear out there will not get on you and in you and cause cancer and other diseases we see today!

The answer is simple!  The Word of God’s love for us is the most powerful preventative medicine for cancer and the most powerful destroyer of cancer.  Christ the Living Word is the BIG C and not cancer!  We got to get that straight in our hearts and minds!  The Word knows what to do!  It gives us the life of God, healing, health and medicine to all of our flesh!

Now go and deliver someone from cancer with the WORD OF GOD’S LOVE FOR THEM!