They call “cancer” the big “C” word.Is it really?I beg to differ as a Christian.

I hope the truths I am about to share with you will give hope to you who have been given no hope because the word “cancer” has been spoken over you.“Christ” should be the big “C” word in your life right NOW and there is nothing to fear when you use it; because it brings power, love and a sound mind.What does “Christ” mean?It means, “The Anointed One” and refers to His anointing. Jesus is the Christ, “The Anointed One”.And His anointing is burden removing, yoke destroying power.There is no type of cancer that can stand up to Christ’s anointing.This revelation will rid you of all fear of cancer.

Here are some truths you need to meditate and receive as truths about yourself, being “in Christ”, which sets you free from all types of cancer and all diseases.(I have scriptures on my website, to help you see yourself “in Christ”, “in the Anointed One”.)

Cancer is a disease

Christ is the Anointed One who destroys all diseases in your body, including cancer, NOW!

Cancer is not the big “C”

Christ has been given a name, “Jesus”, which is above all names, including cancer.The name “Jesus” has been given to you to speak and see cancer leave your body NOW!

Cancer is evil

Christ is God sent to be your Savior from all cancer NOW!

Cancer is life threatening

Christ has come to give you abundant life, to the full, until it over flows into every part of your body and destroys cancer and every other life threatening disease.

Cancer comes to kill, steal & destroy

Christ came to destroy the works of the devil, which includes all diseases and that means all evil destroying works of cancer in your body NOW!

Cancer is a fact

Christ is the WAY (Your way out of cancer.), the TRUTH (The truth is Christ has redeemed you, purchased your freedom from cancer.), and the LIFE (How can cancer live in your body where Christ, Life Himself lives?)

Cancer can be diagnosed

“In Christ” is really who God and His Word say you are and what you have in this life “In Him”.(See “In Him” scriptures on my website,, so you can declare who you are “in Christ” and what Christ has given you.)

Cancer checkups are what they recommend

“In Christ”, you are told to look continually into the perfect law of liberty, the Word of God, and make daily checkups of the blessings of Christ in your body instead of doing checkups for the curse that only causes you to fear and from which Christ has purchased your freedom. (James 1:22-25)

Years ago I was doing a check on my body for lumps as recommended and the Holy Spirit asked me, “What are you checking for?Are you checking for the curse?”He continued to say, “You shouldn’t be looking for the curse on your body but for the blessing Jesus purchased for you.”

I have found so many times that woman especially, if the enemy can get a breast or even both with cancer, he will get the female organs and he will move on and on to other body parts to take them.If he can place fear of cancer in our minds, that is where the seed is planted and then it is manifested in the body if you don’t meditate and speak the Word of God.That is why we need to fill our minds daily with whom and what Christ has made us to be “In Him”.

I once ministered to a man who had been diagnosed with cancer in his bladder and the Lord had me to speak, “Cancer cannot be in your body, the Body of Christ.Cancer cannot be in your body, the Body of Christ.Cancer cannot be in your body, the Body of Christ.”There was such a strong anointing present.A few days later he went back to the doctor and they found no cancer in his bladder.To God be the glory, great things He has done for us through Christ.

I have listed on my site,, scriptures and confessions for healing and I also have available for you to purchase two books, “God’s Health Care” & “In Him We Live, Move & Have Our Being” to assist you in keeping your covenant right of divine health and also to restore to you what Jesus purchased for you. I also offer a book of Doddie Osteen’s, “Healed of Cancer” to encourage you.

I declare with you, “You are delivered from cancer and you live in divine health.You are whole and cancer free in Jesus’ name, the name above the name of cancer.”God bless you.

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