Money will never have a hold on us another day in our lives! We will never work another day for money to met our needs! We will never bear the weight of our own provision never another day in our lives! We will never serve money another day in our lives and have to give up time serving our God!

Money will never be given the opportunity to speak to us contrary to the Word of God! We will speak to lack and call it powerless in our lives and gone in Jesus’ Name! We will speak to insufficiency and tell it not another day in our lives! We will speak to old model cars and call another car or cars into our hands because there is no person, no company, no corporation or anyone else God speaks to that can say no to God to bless us!

Money, lack, poverty, debt, insufficiency will never have a stronghold in our hearts and minds another day in our lives!

Debt will never be the financing of what we need, want, dream and desire! NO! Faith is the currency of Heaven and it is the currency that will get us what we need, want, dream and desire!

We will never love money for the love of money is the root of all evil! We love the Lord our God with all of our heart, our soul and our mind!

We will never trust in money another day in our lives whether we have little money, lots of money or no money!

Money will no longer be the holder, the determination of our destiny, our outcome! For God has given us a future and a hope, an expected end and faith will determine all of that!

We have petitioned the Court of Heaven for a divorce from this world system and the Court of Heaven has granted us a divorce from this world and the Court of Heaven has given a writ of assistance to the angels to go in and arrest the strongman and plunder his house, take by force of all he has stolen from us by this world system we have been hoodwinked into since day one on this planet!

We are citizens, residence of our homeland Heaven now and Heaven is our Source and Supply from here on out!

I declare these things and they are now reality both in the spirit and in this natural world! Heaven is our only reality and realm of existence and the only truth that we will believe and receive. We are in this world but not of this world system!

Babylon the Great has fallen, has fallen because the Kingdom of God has come in and taken over everything and it has now started in our lives!

Revelation knowledge of who we are, whose we are and what we have and can do on this planet will now keep the Gates of Hell from triumphing over the Church in this earth! Jesus said so! Our King is exalted in the earth and He is glorified through the Church and His Kingdom rules over everything!

The devil’s lease on planet earth is up because the Kingdom rules over everything including this Godless world system of money and debt! So all glory and praise forever be to our God who has made us victorious over this Babylonian system and its money control and debt entrapment and the pressures that come with all of that!

This is the time the body of Christ will arise in the earth as the kings of the King and lords of the Lord Jesus Christ! And we shall reign in this earth as kings by one Jesus Christ! Shout amen if you believe and receive this! Glory to God!

Lord, deliver me from all the deceptions that come with money. I repent of idolatry, unfaithfulness with handling money and being unfaithful in allowing money to take over my thinking, emotions and stealing my love for you. I declare you only are my God and you only will I worship. Lord, forgive me and cleanse me from the wickedness of the love of money. Cleanse me with your Word and set me free. I repent for allowing money control my feelings or emotions when I have little or lots of money so that I feel bad, sad, worried, fearful, embarrassed and inferior. I repent for allowing money control my moods. I also repent for allowing money control my relationships with people when I have little or lots of money. Help me to place value on money according to your Word. My value will no longer be determined by the amount of money I possess. You through your Son have set me free from taking my value and worth from money and things and I now recognize my value and worth come only from you and your Word. Lord, challenge me and correct me so I am prepared and able to steward well the money of the Kingdom so that your Kingdom work can be expanded everywhere around the world as a result of my stewardship of your money, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.