The Lord has been speaking to me more and more about using faith the currency of Heaven instead of making money my only source and supply.  He then spoke scripture verses that have to do with faith but He replaced “faith” in those scriptures with the word “money” to emphasize to me that faith has greater potential when we use it than money.

The Lord said to me, “I never did say, money is the victory that overcomes this world.  I said faith is the victory that over comes the world. I never said this is the victory that overcomes the world even money.  No, this is the victory that overcomes the world even your faith, even your believing God. I never said money is the substance of the things that you hope for, the evidence of things you do not see.  No, faith is the substance of the things that you hope for and the evidence of things you cannot see. I never said money shall meet all of your needs.  I said faith shall meet all of your needs. I never said seek ye first money and all these things shall be added unto you.  I said seek first the Kingdom by faith and all these things you need are added unto you. I never said the just shall live by money.  I said the just shall live by faith. 

We can’t any longer say, “All I need is more money.”  That kind of thinking should be an indication of how much like the world the Church has become.  No, we need to say, “All I need is to use faith.” 

Jesus didn’t tell us to have faith in money.  Jesus told us to have faith in God and pray God’s Kingdom come where all our needs will be met as we seek it first, it’s principles for increase more and more of what we need in the earth.  That’s why Jesus told us to pray for the Kingdom to come so that it would operate in the earth so that we could live above this world system and live on top of the world.  Jesus being our example of supernatural provision even for taxes and feeding multitudes different times.  Jesus was the Sample Son of using faith to bring to earth the provision of Heaven.  Jesus lived on the earth as the Son of Man, one of us, and He used faith more than He did money.  That’s why He could tell us from His own experience to not worry about our needs being met by money and working for money and serving money because faith, the currency of the Kingdom would add these things to us. 

The Lord told me one time that we have been hoodwinked into this money thing.  We have been conned into believing if we have enough money all our needs will be met but that is pure deception because if the devil who created and runs this Godless world system has anything to do with it, he’s going to make sure we don’t have enough ever.  You might get a raise but then the cost of everything goes up at the same time. 

Thank the Lord Jesus, we have been delivered out of this Kingdom of darkness that runs this world system and we were delivered into the Kingdom of God’s Dear Son that runs by faith.

In the Garden of Eden Heaven provided everything that Adam and Eve would ever want, need and desire and that was the plan of God for the rest of mankind to follow including us.  Of course Adam sinned and lost God’s provision and then had to work for everything he would ever need and desire.  Then Nimrod refusing the Blessing of the Lord helped build the Tower of Babel rebelling against God, and created this world system that runs with money that is spearheaded by the spirit of Mammon, Baal.  This is the demonic that runs it all.  So Satan used Nimrod to create this system of working for provision, leaving the God factor out of it and thus faith is not used in this system.  Anything without the God factor does not work and will not prosper, will fail, will fall.  Now we see this system failing and mere men with their dark knowledge are trying to keep it from failing.  This is why the Kingdom of God operation in the earth with its principles of finance and health, etc has to be introduced and put in operation.  This is when we with revelation knowledge of Heaven will be called upon to fix the problems of this world with revelation knowledge of Heaven that only can fix the problems of today.  It will be like the days of Daniel and Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah whom the king took counsel because God had given them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom. 

Jesus taught the Kingdom of God all through His ministry and demonstrated its provision by using faith, the currency of Heaven, instead of money.  Jesus taught His disciples how to live out of the Kingdom of God and use faith the currency of Heaven all the time.  Even when they had to feed the multitudes, more than one time Jesus showed the disciples how to use faith the currency of Heaven instead of relying on money they had to work for. 

Like the disciples who suggested they couldn’t even work for enough money to feed the multitudes, we have been programmed by this world system how to work for money for everything we need.  This programming of money being our source has made the Church despise using faith.  In Matthew 6 Jesus told us seeking our needs met by this world system operated by money would cause us to love money and hate God, serve money and not God and despise using faith.

We been made to believe, hoodwinked is what I like to term it as, that working for money is easier then working our faith for the Kingdom to meet our needs but this is against the Word of God.  Check it out in Isaiah 55 and verse 1.

 Isa 55:1 Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. KJV 

Jesus didn’t need money for the wine at the wedding of Cana but instead used faith the currency of Heaven.  Jesus didn’t need money to feed the multitudes who came and heard Him teach faith day after day even though His disciples suggested that working for money was the only way to feed the hungry multitude; but He knew what He would do and that was use His faith.  No, Jesus used faith the currency of Heaven and lived without this money demon controlling His life and ministry and Jesus is the Sample Son we can imitate. 

Jesus didn’t give some money to the woman with the issue of blood who had run out of money so that she could go back to the doctors.  She was healed and made whole without money; she was made whole by faith the currency of Heaven that gets healing and body miracles from Heaven. 

Jesus didn’t receive an offering for the woman who gave her last money in the temple offering.  She may have decided to sow that last money she had because she heard Jesus teach about giving, sowing financial seed into the Kingdom of God and reap from that sowing such as the time when Jesus spoke and said, 

Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. KJV 

This woman heard about faith the currency of Heaven that can multiply what we have beyond anything this world system has to offer us to increase us.  I guarantee you this woman did not leave the Temple broke!  I believe the action of her faith through giving created a testimony that very day of increase more and more. 

Again I want to emphasize to you that it is not more money that you and I need but it is using our faith, the currency of Heaven. The Spirit of Mammon is scared for you to even read this for it is what will release you from the weight of bondage created by this money system of never enough and this demon of debt that harasses you day after day with the pressure of your payments being overdue! 

If you listen to Christians today you will hear them say, “All I need is more money.”  “I could get these bills paid if I had more money.”  “I’m on a fixed income.   Again I believe the Church is sounding more like the world than people of faith in God.  If this world system has put us on fixed income then we can fix it with faith that increases us more and more.   Such talk and thinking is not what the Bible teaches us nor did you ever read where Jesus ever say something like that or ever teach His disciples to believe that.  He taught them faith is the currency of Heaven to get their needs met.  There was even a time when Jesus sent His disciples out with just the clothes on their backs and told them to take no purse, no money, no gold with them.  He wanted them to use their faith for their provision.  If that happened today, the Church today would probably seek government funds, government grants and government tax exemption so that we could do the work of the Kingdom because we have not been taught faith is our currency of Heaven.   So just how did faith and no money work for them?  Let’s read the disciples’ answer to Jesus when He asked them that question when they returned from this mission trip. 

Luke 22:35 And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing. KJV 

They spent faith and lacked nothing!  Let me say that again, “They spent faith and lacked nothing!” 

The Church in this time will lack for nothing if we start using faith the currency of Heaven.  This is new revelation to the Church but it has been in the Bible all along because there are several passages that tell us the just shall live by faith. 

Haven’t you heard people, Christians say, “Another day another dollar.”  That means they are going to work another day for the money that they need to meet their needs.

But God didn’t tell us to work for your provision.  Work came with the curse.  The only work we do for our provision is work our faith and seek to cultivate the potential God has placed in us, the gifts in us that create increase more and more.  This is what the mentality of only working jobs for provision have stolen from us.    He said instead,

Ps 68:19 Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. KJV

Now how does God daily load us with benefits?  It is by faith in that very Word and acting on that Word.  Ps 68:19 has enough power in it to produce the daily load benefits for us. Now we believe we receive the daily load of benefit just like we would believe we are getting our weekly paycheck on Friday  

Depending on money and a job or a paycheck or a social security check or any other benefit of this world system will close us off to faith the currency of Heaven from meeting our needs and beyond.  Trusting in money to pay our bills and get us out of debt keeps the Lord from doing supernatural things we can’t imagine with the pea brain to eliminate that debt right now.  So check yourself out to see if you are working for money to pay your debt instead of using the Word of faith to eliminate that debt.  Depending on money creates pressure on our minds that keeps us from our connection with the Lord to where we hear Him telling us clearly, exactly what to do in any situation that removes the burden and destroys the yoke that suffocates any real hope in us.  Trusting in money keeps us from living out of the Kingdom economy where there is a redemptive wall that separates from the failing world system operating in financial famine.  Trusting in money is trusting in a manmade system that makes sure you never have enough.  Trusting in money makes you pay for your healthcare and refuse the divine healthcare that faith secures for you the rest of your life on planet earth. Trusting in money makes you depend on the dark knowledge of mere men who operate without the God factor.  Trusting in money does not give you real hope because this world system can’t guarantee you from one day to the next any real hope. Trusting in money does not and can never give you peace of mind because again this money is printed today like it is play money with less and less value and worth while the cost of living keeps going up. Trusting in the money system is trusting in a system that the spirit of Mammon created to replace The Blessing of the Lord that makes rich so it can control you and steal your dignity. Trusting in money, a natural source will keep you from all supernatural financial miracles. 

So now let’s see what faith does for you every day.  Faith fixes any problem.  Faith provides you with what you need or gets to you what is needed to produce what you need.  Faith produces what money can’t buy; right relationship with God, divine health, supernatural financial miracles, divine prosperity of increase more and more in a world experiencing financial famine, peace of mind that passes all understanding even in a chaotic world run by men using dark knowledge, divine business deals and opportunities that come to you even when no one else in the same business are experiencing such deals and opportunities, recognition and promotion of your creative ideas and witty inventions and God given gifts and talents and skills, purchasing real hard assets that you naturally have no money to acquire and I could list lots more to this but why don’t you just allow the Holy Spirit show you what faith will do for you.  You know all people are looking for these things that money can’t buy but come as a result of using faith! 

The money system makes one think you have to work for your provision but not faith.  Peter toiled all night in his fishing business and caught nothing but once he applied his faith to Jesus words to cast in the nets He pulled in a boat sinking load of fish. 

The money system makes Christians despise to use their faith.  They think faith is harder then working for money.  Jesus proved that wrong and so didn’t Peter.  All we need is a Word from the written Word of God or Word by the Spirit of God and through our obedience and we get the same results Jesus and Peter did of supernatural, supernatural provision. 

The love of money is the root of all evil.  You might think you don’t love money, but  check yourself out by answering this question; how much more time do you think about money meeting your needs then you do faith producing for you?  Do you ever say, “All I need is more money?”  How much time do you work for money compared to seeking the Kingdom in prayer, meditating the Word, praying in the Spirit and speaking the Word of God over your financial situation?  So is it money or faith that you are trusting in?   

Faith produces without money and without price we found out in Isaiah chapter 55 and verse 1 but yet we have been educated and trained to using money in the Church and not using faith.  Well those days are over.  The Church has no more time to trust in money.  This Babylonian system where there is no God factor can’t last.  This is the time we will see the Church living out of the Kingdom of God with supernatural intervention with supernatural provision.  The Church is headed into glory days that bring Heaven’s supernatural to earth.  Jesus has told us we are in this world but not of this world system but of Heaven and that’s why we can expect to see Heaven’s intervention.  We are going to see the sinner’s wealth transferred as never before so that they Kingdom can spread throughout the earth.

Jesus has overcome this world system and deprived it of its power to harm us and has conquered it for us.  How did He do that?  He brought the Kingdom of God into the earth for us to live out of by faith.  Everything we need is in the Kingdom economy.  The Church not been taught the Kingdom of God operation in the earth and because of that the Spirit of Mammon has hoodwinked the Church into this money thing and jobs and salaries and etc. to meet its needs and thereby has caused the Church to be ignorant of faith and even despise using faith because it seemed so hard and unnatural.  But we have to realize that being born again of Heaven and translated into the Kingdom of God we are not natural but supernatural and now we can live supernaturally by faith if we don’t trust in money.

Just think about it, if we would use faith instead of trusting in money we could experience what these people experienced without money, check it out: 

Are you tired of laboring for provision, check this out.  First of all with faith Peter and his business partners didn’t have to toil any longer to catch fish for his fishing business when faith produced a net breaking, boat sinking load of fish. On more than one occasion faith produce food to feed the multitudes and enough leftovers to fill twelve baskets.  Do you believe God is able to do this for you and your business without toiling for everything?

With only faith as their source Jesus sent His disciples out on the mission field without money and they returned saying they lacked for nothing. What we don’t have on earth faith draws from the resources of Heaven.

Crazy faith in the principle of seedtime and harvest caused a widow to throw all that she had into the temple collection and Jesus didn’t receive an offering for her because He knew this woman’s needs would all be met because faith in this Kingdom principle of sowing and reaping is the only way to eradicate poverty and lack in this world! 

After depending on money to get her blood issue cured of physicians failed the woman with crazy faith stepped out in a crowd that could have stoned her and she was made whole of her plague when she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment by faith that paid for it without out money and a costly price of another physician. 

A little child collected on his giving when he by faith sowed his lunch basket of bread and fish to feed a multitude and came away with a harvest of not just one basket but twelve baskets full of fish and bread. 

A woman used her faith in the word of the prophet of God and started her own oil business that created income that wiped out debt in her life and saved her sons from slavery to this world system.  That makes me think of the Bible verse that says we are to owe no man and one translation says keep out of debt; so how are we going to avoid debt?  By faith, the currency of Heaven! 

A married couple ran out of wine at their wedding in Cana and without spending any more money on their wedding Jesus used faith the currency of Heaven that produced the best wine served at the wedding.  

All of these people would tell us for sure that faith is the currency of Heaven that met their needs.  The Bible is filled with this truth, check it out on your own.

God is bringing the Church back to its original mode of operation and that is living by faith in the Kingdom of God.  We don’t have a choice now because it is going to take the supernatural to live above this world system that is falling apart because it has no God factor.

So join me in using your faith every single day.  Use your faith to get out of debt to this world system.  Use your faith to receive the economy of the Kingdom of God that includes financial prosperity, divine health, divine mental health, divine favor, the fullness of The Blessing that removes all the curse in the earth from our lives, divine favor, the wall of redemption that protects us from all financial famine in the world system, all that the redemptive work of Christ secured for us that includes all the benefits of the Kingdom of God, the anointing that removes all burdens and destroys every yoke, everything that makes for life and Godliness.