God is a God of hope and He is my God and my hope.

I have all the hope that I need any time, regardless of my circumstances and regardless of where I live because my God is a God of hope and the covenant I have with Him is a covenant of hope.

Being born again I am in this world with God, I am a part of God’s family and I have His hope in this world.

My focus is no longer on difficulties and challenges in my life but my focus and my expectancy is for the God of hope to show up at any moment.

My God will not fail me, give up on me or leave me without support.

My God will not in any degree leave me helpless, forsake me, nor relax His hold on my life and my situations, assuredly not!

I take comfort, remain encouraged and confidently and boldly say, “God is my Helper so I will not fear or dread or be terrified by bad circumstances, for what can man do to me?”

All hopeless circumstances are subject to change by my God of hope, His Word of hope and His covenant of hope; so I will never be hopeless ever again!

God’s kind of hope will never disappoint me, embarrass me or shame me.(Romans 5:3-5)

Cooperating with my God and His Word of hope brings to me all the hope I will ever need in this world.

I know without a doubt that God loves me unconditionally and that means I have all kind of hope.

I will never be disappointed by Bible hope because it is not built around natural people and natural things but built around the Word of God which created all natural things and can still change all natural things in my life.

I have gotten my hopes up because it is based on something that is eternal, the Word of God.

My hope is an inner image the Holy Spirit painted on the inside of me that is based on the Word of God.

Despair with its images of disaster and failure will not control my mind because I refuse to listen to the devil and other negative voices and I refuse to look at, focus on natural, negative circumstances.

I daily checkout the image inside of me the Word has formed about me and get some more hope.

The promises of God’s Word are an anchor to my mind and emotions and give me hope for each new day.

Bible hope gives me mighty strength and encourages to hold fast to my hope in God; reassuring me God cannot lie to me since He gave promise to me with an oath in which it is impossible for His Word to prove false and deceive me.

The Bible is the only place I can go to get an image of hope on the inside of me that will not disappoint me.

The hope of the Word of God is a sure and steadfast anchor to my soul for I know this hope will not break down when I step out in faith on it since it is backed by Heaven.

I base my hope on God’s promises to me for every situation instead of some disappointing wishes.

God’s Word is the only workable blueprint for me and it is also the manufacture’s operating manual I use for living my life that He has planned out for successful.

Faith is giving substance to all that I hope for, earnestly, intensely expect.

Hope serves as a blueprint for faith to give substance to what I hope for and faith is the building material for all my hope’s blueprints.

My faith is always coupled with hope because hope is the plan that my faith carries out.

I will hold steady to the “hope of the Gospel” that gives me all the hope I need.(Colossians 1:23)

I will no longer place my hope in human information and knowledge alone but my hope will be in the Word of God that is based on the knowledge of God Himself.

The Word of God gives me inner images of strength I can wrap my faith around and combat the natural evidence that is around me so that I have sure hope for recovery and success in all situations.

I have chosen to build my life on supernatural (God’s) hope like Abraham did when I also have no natural hope.

Like Abraham I take the promises God made to me and the hope of those promises and combat all negative hope; I will hope against hope.(Romans 4:19-21)

God’s promises to me are at the center of my hope, my faith and my persuasion; I am fully persuaded.

Abraham’s hope for a child came when God changed His name to, “Abraham, father of nations” and with the same God kind of hope, I too will only answer to those calling me what the Word of God calls me, righteous, healed, and wealthy and I too will see what I hope for.

I no longer go by what things look like in my life and how I feel so that the God kind of hope can continually change things in my life.

I base my life on something bigger than feelings and the way things look for I base my life on “the hope of the Gospel” that is inside of me.

Like Abraham I will not allow others call me anything other than what God has called me because I know what the Word has declared about me, for I have seen the hope blueprint.

God has divinely programmed my mind so that I can see myself through my imagination living the successful and good life the Bible promised to me.

Since my words are pictures transferred to others as I speak to them, I speak words that are based on the Word of God, causing faith to arise and give substance to those words.

Hope is the blueprint of what I expect and faith gives substance to the blueprint.

Meditation of the Word creates images in my mind of being in the promise and is the process that gives me hope of being in my God given destination or my God given destiny.

The image of my God given destiny is not built up in me overnight but is created and built up in me by repetition of its image through the Word of God.

I am not afraid of failure and even if I did, I would just get up and go after what I hope for again and again and continue to learn and develop inside of me the hope of the Gospel and faith by the Word of God.

Instead of complaining and worrying about situations in my life, I am diligent to learn and develop my hope and faith so that I continually have an image of myself with the hope of the Gospel that will only lead to my success.

I will keep an image of my life according to the hope of the Gospel and I will not perish.(Proverbs 29:18)

I keep my hopes up with Bible hope, being fully persuaded of the blueprint of hope so that my faith can give substance to it in my life.(Proverbs 29:18)

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