There are lots of hopeless people in this world today.  Could you be one of them?  If you are then you have come to the right place to get some hope!  I am passing out some hope today on my blog and you just came to the right blog at the right time!  I love to give out hope!

I had a person recently tell me, “I have no faith.”  What they were really telling me was, “I have no hope.”

Why do more people not have hope today?  My answer is we look for hope in all the wrong places.  Here’s what I mean by that:

Hopeless people abound in our society because people have looked for hope in all of the wrong places.  And the number one person we look to in order to get us some hope is ourselves, but we find out real quickly our hope fades if it’s all left up to us. And then the “get some hope” list goes like this:  We have hopes our costly education will bring us a successful career but we were too qualified when we applied for a job or the field our education prepared us for is not available in our residential area or there were others ahead of us more qualified. We thought we had found some hope with having money, lots of money but that certainly turned out to be not what we had hoped for because it didn’t change the person on the inside us we don’t like, it can’t change our husband or wife or children or change a whole lot of other things. Then we had hopes and dreams with the great job and big paycheck but with the bad economy those hopes and dreams quickly came to an end and NOW WE KNOW FOR SURE THERE IS NO HOPE!! Well then there are the government programs to give us assistance but it’s never enough! Somewhere in this list we start looking for a husband or wife, “There’s the person of my hopes and dreams,” but that hope too is short lived because of irreconcilable differences. We had hopes things would turn out all right with our health problems and sought doctors who prescribed medications and then there were hospital stays but with the national health care insurance not covering  it all the unpaid bills continue to come in any way and now we are in PANIC mode!!! Then we had hoped we could borrow some money from the bank to pay all those unpaid bills and the mortgage but are refused and it seems nothing IS  WORKING!!!  And then with embarrassment written on our face we seek help from family members but they too are stretched in their own finances and so it’s another failed attempt to fix our hopeless situation. We might even try the lottery but that only put us further in the hole! Then we might out of desperation go to a pastor or a Christian friend but we don’t want to hear them preach to us!

Does any of this sound familiar?  We all have been at one of these places at one time or another.  I think this is commonplace in our society today because we are counting on “old number one” (that’s us) to get us some hope!  We are so dependent on natural things and people to give us hope but they can only, it turns out, give us some limited hope, short lived hope, false hope, or no hope at all?!

I told you I am passing out some hope today because THERE IS HOPE!  So I am going to give you the formula (it’s not a secret) that produces all the hope you need in this world and it’s hope that never will fail you.  That kind of hope only comes from one place, or I should say, from one Source and that is GOD!  He gives out all the hope we need in this world every time we go to Him.  Here’s the simple but yet successful formula to having all the hope you need in this world:

1 - THERE IS HOPE! MAY 30, 2010

Hope is vitally important!  Without hope we will have no faith; faith in God, faith in ourselves and faith in our situations working out to our success.  Faith needs hope in order to produce something. Hope is the blueprint, the dream, the desire, the prayer for what faith produces.

God’s hope, God’s blueprint for your life will give you all the hope you need in this world every single day but again you have to continue to use the formula that produces this kind of God Hope.

God never intended for any human He created to be without hope for HE IS HOPE!  That’s what you will experience in His presence, in His lavish, unconditional love and in His promises to you.

God’s hope is vitally important!  It is vital to your survival in this world!

True hope, believe it or not, does not come from money and riches and wealth, from a spouse, from a job or career, from the government, from the doctor or other professionals or anyone else, including our self, nor things but true, lasting hope comes from getting in God’s presence, allowing Him to speak words of hope to us, experiencing His lavish, unconditional love and receiving God’s promises of hope that contain no fine print.

Abundant life, life worth living is found in the hope of God.  So receive the hope God and I are offering you today so you too can give some God hope to this hopeless world looking in all the wrong places and looking to all the wrong people.

This formula is what I use to get God’s hope I can pass on to you at God’s Word Alive Blog.

You might also want to check out my powerful confessions of God’s hope on this blog entitled “The Power of God’s Hope”, “Get Yourself Some Hope!”, and “Extraordinary Person With Extraordinary Expectations”.  I also have made audios, “Get Yourself Some Hope” & “God Kind of Hope”.  You can download the PDF transcription to study with the audios.

I have just posted a whole new series of audios on God’s Word Alive entitled “Kingdom Ways To Prosper In Financial Famine” that will show you how to use Kingdom financial strategies to escape the financial famine in this world system.  The Kingdom has provided for you through Jesus a Redemptive Wall that separates you from the financial famine in this godless, Babylonian world system.  Now is the time for each and every Christian and their households to flourish in the Kingdom of God and get back to Eden and live on top of the world.

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