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The Supernatural Church

1A - Lifestyle Of The Supernatural Church

  • Reasons Why The Church Has Failed To Operate In The Supernatural

2 - Season of Miracles

  • The Church Operating On The Level Of The Supernatural
  • Going From Level To Level
  • Going Into The Promise Land & Facing Giants
  • The Spirit of Truth Will Guide The Church Into All Truth
  • The Church Can No Longer Disqualify Themselves

2A - Season of Miracles & The Church Growing Up

  • Supernatural Comes By Living By Faith
  • Who Has Faith & What Kind of Faith?
  • Growing In Faith
  • Faith Is Key To The Supernatural For Faith Dictates Time
  • The Church Is About To Be Distinguished In The Earth
  • Two Kinds of Miracles

2B - Season For Miracles

  • The Church Is Qualified To Go Into The Impossible
  • It Takes Faith To Get Into The Supernatural
  • Your Supernatural Disposition For The Supernatural
  • Your Words Are Your Biggest Weapons In The Promise Land
  • Reasons Why No Supernatural

3 - Where Are All The Miracles

  • In The Promise Land The Church Will Face Giants
  • Accessing Everything By Faith Outside Of The Control Of Time
  • Promise Land Not Taken By Human Reason But Being Spirit Led
  • Fruit Of The Spirit Enables Us To Take Our Promise Land

4 - The Church Is Going Into Canaan

  • It Is Through Faith We Understand
  • The Word Is Truth
  • Need The Truth In Canaan Because Deception Is So Great
  • We Are Going Into Canaan Supernaturally
  • Most Valuable Thing In Canaan Are Your Words
  • The Battle In Canaan Is Not Carnal

5 - Supernatural Church Is Going Into The World With Influence

  • Don't Run From Problems
  • Do you Believe I Am Able To Do This?
  • Removal Of The Bent In Your Blood Line
  • Supernatural Forgetting

6 - Powerful Reminders To The Supernatural Church

  • Where Are All The Miracles?
  • Kingdom Benefits
  • We Are The Chosen Generation
  • Fighting Battles Much Mightier Than We Are
  • In The Face Of Something
  • Do you Believe I Am Able To Do This?

7 - Going Into Canaan By Miracles

  • Church's Reproach Will Be Rolled Away
  • Church Will Experience Changes In The Promise Land
  • Trying To Do Things By Our Own Effort
  • Don't Look Away From The Supernatural
  • God Has Chosen You
  • No Logic But Revelation Understanding
  • Faith Speaks