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Healing of the Soul

1 - What Is Your Soul & How Is It Sabotaging Your Life?

  • Souls Get Wounded
  • Two Simple Steps to Get the Soul Healed
  • The Soul
  • Why Would Our Souls Have to Be Healed, Cleansed & Purified?
  • Where Do Soul Wounds Come From?
  • What Do Soul Wounds Do to You?

2 – Healing Your Wounded Soul With Two Simple Steps

  • Review Of The Soul & How the Soul Is Wounded
  • Two Simple Keys To Heal Your Soul
  • Prayer

3 – What Is Controlling Your Mind, Will And Emotions?

  • Review of The Soul
  • Two Simple Keys To Heal Your Soul
  • Soul Wounds Affect & Control Your Mind, Will & Emotions
  • Activation

4 – Can Sickness & Disorders Be Connected To Our Soul?

  • Review
  • Physical Health Is Directly Connected To Our Soul Health
  • Super Soak & Get Healed

6 – Waging Affective War Against The Enemy of Our Souls!

  • The Enemy Gets Legal Right To Attack Through Soul Wounds
  • Jesus Had Nothing In Common With The Demonic
  • Demons Resist When We Have Something In Common
  • We Need The Cross & Dunamis
  • Activation of The Blood & Dunamis

7 – We Are Closing The Door To Sickness

  1. The Spirit of Legion Has Specific Assignments Against You
  2. Demonic Have Access To Your Life By Wounds In Your Soul
  3. Signs Of The Spirit of Legion
  4. Activation For Healing