By Janie Baer

Father, I repent for looking to myself (and any other person or thing) as my source and making it god, my provider. Jehovah Jireh, I have made you, your Word, your promises too small in my eyes.  No one or no thing will any longer be my source and fail me.  I truly repent and ask you for forgiveness.  I choose rather to magnify you and your Word in my eyes and thus allow you to be God to me and be my security in this world.

Money, you are not the almighty dollar in my life any more!  I don’t worship you any more, holding on to you like you are some kind of god to me.  I let go of you, money, for you shall not be my god. You will no longer control me but I will control you and use you as God directs me.

Job, you are not my source.  Business, you are not my source.  And neither am I my own god, provider any more for I realize I cannot meet my needs. 

I declare:  I am blessed because God is my God, my Lord and my Provider.  I magnify the Lord who takes pleasure in my prosperity.  No one has made me rich but Almighty God. 

Instruct me Holy Spirit in my giving as well as my receiving.  I choose to see my giving as sowing seed.  And once I have planted the seed, I choose to have faith in my seed and expect it to grow and expect it to bring forth some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred and beyond for God cannot be measured in what He can get back to me.

Lord, I will daily:


  • Be intimate with you and know your ways for my finances.
  • Trust you with my finances.
  • Meditate your Word concerning operating in my finances.
  • Believe I receive my provision from you.
  • Speak the Word of God concerning my provision and also declare prophetic words like:  “Money cometh to me now.  Money cometh to me now.  Money cometh to me now. I will never be broke another day in my life.”
  • I will act on the Word of God with my finances.
  • Take authority over the devil and tell him to take his hands off of my possessions in the name of Jesus.
  • Send out the prosperity angels and all other angels to bring money and wealth to me.
  • Give you praise and thanks for your faithfulness to me.