Hearing the Father's Voice

Have you ever had an argument with the Lord after He has told you something?  I know I have.  There have been times I wanted to go to a certain store and make a particular purchase and I just felt in my spirit that I shouldn’t go but I didn’t listen and when I got to the store the item was not in stock or it wasn’t what I exactly wanted to purchase.  If I had listened to that feeling in my spirit to not go to the store I would have saved myself some time.  That was the Holy Spirit speaking to me in a nonverbal way and telling me not to go.

Maybe there has been a time when you have a witness or a grievance or like heaviness in your spirit you were not to do something or even say something.  It just didn’t feel right but you argued within yourself and thought you just had to do this or you just had to say it.  And so you overrode the thought to not do this or say this and it turned out to be the wrong thing for you to do or the worst thing you could have spoken in the situation.  We experience these kinds of things all the time and we haven’t realized this is one of the nonverbal ways the Holy Spirit communicates with us.  He will guide, show and speak to us.


Concentrating on the nonverbal ways the Holy Spirit speaks to us, even though I just knew I was not to go to the store yet I argued with the Lord; what was happening was my mind perceived in my spirit that heaviness or that check not to go and yet I reasoned in my mind it was the right thing to do.  I really needed this item and so I went to the store and the item was not in stock or not exactly what I wanted.  We have many reasons to argue against the heaviness we feel in our spirit or that check we have in our spirit but this is really arguing with the Holy Spirit if we get right down to it.

What we must realize if we are going to live with our five spiritual senses activated is that the key to hearing the voice of the Lord and becoming more sensitive to Him is to obey those little checks we have in our spirit or those little grievances or those little witnesses we have down deep in our spirit.  That is a step of faith right there, to obey and to be willing to lay down what we think and what our plans are in favor of stepping out in faith and just obey the promptings of our spirit man.  In other words, don’t go to the store or don’t do this or that when we feel the timing just isn’t right.  We must be willing to obey even if we never ever know the reason why we are not to go to the store or not to do whatever.  We must obey without questioning the leading in our spirit.