• You can tell a person who is strong in the Lord because they won't take anything off of the devil at all.  They do not deviate.  They will go straight to the Word, speaking faith, believing faith, believing the Word. 
  • The moment they see they are under pressure they run to the Word, have scriptures ready to speak the Word.  They don't act like a whimp but they take the victory.
  • They are not moved by what they see or hear on the news or what the doctor says or what a family member or a friend says.  They are moved but they are moved toward the Word.  If they hear bad news they don't take it and start saying it and saying they don't know what they are going to do.  They go to the Word energetically and they say, "This is what I believe."  And so they overcome it.
  • A strong spirit will talk back to the television when they are talking failing health for the seniors, sickness and disease and advertising all the medications for it.  The strong spirit will say, "There's a healing for that."  "The glory has come to remove the sickness and disease and failing health."
  • The person with the strong spirit hears devastating news around the world and they will speak back to the TV and not get in fear.  They will speak, "There's an awakening for that.  There's a move of the Spirit of God.  There's the glory of the LORD.  There's the outpouring of the glory for that place in that nation."  They are responding to that bad news by the Word and the Spirit instead of sitting there and wondering when it is going to hit their nation.
  • A strong spirit will rise up and declare his rights in Christ Jesus.
  • A strong spirit will talk back to bad financial reports and epidemics and say, "It's not coming here.  We are not going to have that.  We are not having any sickness and disease out there.  We have been redeemed from all the curse out there."
  • A strong spirit always has got to have something to say and we get what we say from the Word of God.  Once we get the Word on the inside then it just comes out of our mouths whenever we need it.  We download the Word in our heart or spirit by meditating the Word to the degree that when the pressure of this world is on, when the devil puts a squeeze on us then the only thing that comes out of our mouths is the Word of God.