The English word “angel” comes from the Greek word “angelos” and means “a messenger” or “a herald”.  We get our word “evangelism, the messenger of Good News” from that.

Another name for angels is “Sons of God”.  That is why Jesus is called, “The Begotten Son of God.”  The angels are God’s sons by creation.  Jesus Christ was not created for He has been one with the Father throughout eternity.  “Begotten” means born of the seed of a woman”.  So the “begotten Son of God” is the seed of the Word of God that came into Mary’s womb and she gave birth to Jesus Christ and that was the miracle, God in the carnation became a man.

Angels are the sons of God and Jesus is the “begotten Son”.  There is a big difference there because Jesus is God but the angels are the sons of God and so if we have Christ in us we are God’s children so we are God’s sons and daughters as well.  So that makes us related with the angels.

1 John 3:2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God… KJV

Angels are our brothers.  We are in the same family.

Angels were created to serve the living God and worship Him day and night, century upon century and eon upon eon.  They do not have freewill as mankind for they were created to serve and worship God only.  Satan and a third of the angels proved angels do have freewill when they tried to take over God’s throne and they were thrown out of heaven.

We know of at least two archangels, Michael and Gabriel and the rest of the angels are ranked under them.  And like demons, angels are also called principalities, powers, thrones, and dominions.  They watch over regions and cities and churches.  Rev 2:8 tells us there is an angel assigned to every church because the letter is written to the angel of the church.    Angels are organized in ranks and operate in military fashion and they operate in order under the authority and will of God.

Angels are sent to the earth to minister to us who are heirs of salvation and are our heavenly co-workers, fellow servants, and co-labors in the Kingdom work and friends who never tire or give up on us or our situations and never tire in their ministry to us.  They are here on the earth desiring to guide us each step we take on this earth just as God’s angel guided the children of Israel through the wilderness.  They are here to protect us from demons and their plots against us and also protect us from evil people and terrorists and terrorist’s plans, famines, and earthquakes and other natural disasters.  Angels are sent from heaven to give us news or messages from Heaven, our heavenly Headquarters.  After all we are ambassadors of Heaven.

The Church in this time MUST REALIZE their impossible task in this hour of time, realize the threat of demonic activity in the earth to try and stop them and the rising opposition of the secular society that is changing society’s views about God and the truth and relevance of God’s Word.  The Church must engage the supernatural resources made available from heaven for us that include an open heaven we can see and go into now and release the hosts of God’s angel armies to come and help us.  We desperately need God’s supernatural on our natural.

Billy Graham once said, “Angels belong to a uniquely different dimension of creation then we.  Limited to the natural order, we can’t even comprehend what they are able to do.”

The Church needs to acknowledge these heavenly beings in their lives and put them to work in their lives.

The Church is suffering greatly financially because we have become accustomed to the world’s ways of finances and now we are suffering along with the world and that is another reason we need the help of angels in this time.  God can and will tell us things about our finances through angels who want to bless us and bring the Kingdom of God’s prosperity into operation in our lives.  So we need to make it a daily practice to listen, hear and obey the voice of the Lord when He talks to us, as well as His messenger angels, about the best way to steward our finances for the Kingdom.  These creatures have been around here longer than any financial advisor who could counsel us  today in our finances and so they have far getter wisdom to give us. 

We have missed many opportunities and advantages in this earth because we were ignorant of the ministry of angels or just plain didn’t listen to them speaking to us.  We have been living in our own strength, not activating the heavenly angels sent to help us.

Isa 1:19-20 If you will only let me help you, if you will only obey, then I will make you rich! TLB

So let’s declare today, “I ask for the help of angels, cooperate with angels, allow them to help me and I’ll also receive the riches promised in Isa 1:19,20 that come as a result of angel’s help.”