By Janie Baer

When Jesus talks about being unfaithful, that means you have not been loyal to how God’s Word tells you to handle your finances.

Faithful means you are loyal to authority, loyal to the authority of God and His Word.  So being unfaithful means you have been disloyal to the authority of God and God’s Word in regards to the handling of your finances.  So that’s why you have not increased yet tithed and sowed.

How can you know for sure you are faithful or unfaithful with money?  Here are some money tests you can take and know for sure.  You need to take some time with this test and allow the Spirit of God to speak and show you hidden things of your heart so you can repent and then make the necessary changes and adjustments.  If you will take responsibility then the anointing is made available to you to do what you couldn’t possible do in your situations.

Faithful or Unfaithful Test:

  • Are you faithful to the Word of God, to the principles of God?
  • Are you faithful with how you spend money?
  • Are you faithful with how you invest?
  • Are you operating according to the principles and purpose of the Kingdom?
  • Are you faithful with your giving?
  • Are you faithful with receiving?
  • Are you faithful how you allow money to affect you? In other words, what does money do for you emotionally? In your feelings? How do you respond to money?
  • Are you faithful in the way you gain money or do you operate in greed?

Greed is an inordinate desire for gain not caring about the loss of others in the process of increasing yourself.

Prov 1:19 So are the ways of everyone who is greedy for gain; It takes away the life of its owners.  NKJV

Prov 15:27 He who is greedy for gain troubles his own house,…NKJV

Being greedy for gain causes that person’s life to cease; it dries up their life, robs them of their very life.

Paul dealt with greed in Timothy 3:3-8.  He told the bishops,

1 Tim 3:3-8 (Bishop) …not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous; 8 Likewise deacons must be…not greedy for money, NKJV

You are not to be greedy for filthy lucre, for money.

You may not feel you have been involved with  greed for gain at the expense of others but here is an area I believe Christians have become involved in such gain.  It is the pyramid type marketing networks in which Christians get involved.  In order for you to make money you have to sign up other people that are going to join the business and not just buy the product.  These people then have to find others to join up with the business and buy the product.  They join and pay the registration fee and on and on.  The people higher up the line keep making more money.  In reality ninety-five percent of the people who go into network marketing businesses never make a dime.  They lose everything.  There are only a small percentage of the people who make any money. People are led to believe they can make money, be able to give to the work of God, anyone can do this type of business and all they need to do is sign up others in the program.  They are never told ninety-five percent of the people fail.  They are sold on the fact anyone can do it, everyone will make money and it’s so easy.  What they fail to realize is that is driven by a spirit of greed.

Operating in the spirit of love you would not want people to spend their money and waste their time on something they would fail doing.  Operating in love you would bring people into the business that had the personality, the talent, the drive and the discipline to make it work for them.  This is not how these pyramids operate for it is driven by a spirit of greed and not compassion and love.

God’s blessing cannot increase a person whose efforts to increase are at the expense of others.   This person is operating under a spirit of greed.  This is being unfaithful with finances.