By Janie Baer

In my search for keyword phrases to benefit my website with the search engines, I discovered important information.  That search revealed to me t

So I believe this is our adversary’s best kept secret from the Body of Christ.  As a result, the Body of Christ just survives in their circumstances and they even leave this earth earlier than they were supposed to as a result of their lack of knowledge of the power of God’s Word coming out of their mouths.

Satan would cringe and run in fear if the Body of Christ would get up each morning and instead of saying what things look like around them, they would instead say, “This is the day the Lord has made for me.  I know it is going to be great day because He made it for me and He is with me all day and I will rejoice in it.”

What if, instead of considering physical aliments and speaking about how badly we feel and empowering it with our words, we would say, “Lord Jesus, You bore my sickness, weakness, and pains and by the stripes laid on Your back, I am healed and made whole.  I speak to my body now, in the name of Jesus Christ, and I command healing and wholeness promised to me by the Word of God.”

Think what would happen with our finances if instead of saying what is in our wallet, we would say, “I am a child of Father God and He said He would supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Now I know, Father, You do not lie to me.  I expect to see my needs supplied and I want to thank You ahead of time.”

Let’s not let the power contained in God’s Word and given to us for our daily use remain a secret to us, hidden from us and start applying it to our health, family situations, finances, or whatever we face in our day to day living.  Let’s not let our adversary’s best kept secret remain a secret to us.  Let’s speak the Word of God and see our enemy run away just like he did when Jesus spoke the Word of God to him.  He just couldn’t stay around the most powerful force of truth in the universe. The Word of God still makes him run off when we speak it out of our mouths day after day and it still brings supernatural results like only the Word of God can do.

The secret is out on this website and on my CD, the power of the spoken Word of God!

Are you ready to bring change in your life?  Then take the Bible off of the coffee table or wherever it may be; take the words off of the pages of your Bible and speak them out of your mouth, allowing the power contained in those words produce supernatural results. 

I have recently added some scriptures on “prosperity”, “love”, and “in Him” that can aid you in your confessions.