By Janie Baer

You must now come to the place where you take full responsibility for your financial situation and ask for God’s help if you are going to get any help from the Lord.

Isa 1:19 If you will only let me help you, if you will only obey, then I will make you rich!  TLB

When you said you didn’t know what else to do when you didn’t have enough money, what you were really saying is, “God, You have failed me.  You didn’t tell me what to do.  You didn’t provide for me like you said you would.”  You may not have realized it but you were blaming Him and blaming your circumstances, blaming the government, blaming someone or something else.

Allow God to take you to the place where you are broken, desperate and so at the end of yourself that you admit, finally take full responsibility for what you have done and stop blaming the economy, the government, your boss, other people, and other things.  You have to take full responsibility if you want to see God deliver you by His mighty hand and He will deliver you!  It may be hard and difficult times you are going through right now but taking full responsibility God will start the deliverance process for you because of His love for you.  God is a God of mercy so ask Him for His mercy.

You may have wondered why God did not pay off your debt instead of allowing you to go through all that you have been through with maybe complete financial destruction, lost everything, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. but know this, if God had paid your debt and given you the money you more than likely would be in debt in a few more years and be further into debt.  You have to realize the problem was not that you didn’t have enough money but the problem was in your thinking.

You probably will find that every single credit card payment with interest you have paid, if you had waited and not used the credit card you would have the money in hand later on and paid for the things on the credit card with cash.

Because of fear you used the credit card and got in debt and more debt.  You never gave God the opportunity, never gave Him enough time to bring provision to you or the deliverance; but instead you leaned on your own abilities, your own intellect and tried to help God out.  You didn’t believe Him for the finances and wait until the money came and you got further into debt.

If you keep trying to help God out, He will even let you pay your bills too.  God is not asking you to help Him out but to trust and obey Him and His Word and His principles.

Admit to God you are suffering because you didn’t trust Him but took it into your own hands.  Admit you sold yourself into the slavery of debt, bondage of debt to this world system.

Prov 22:7 …the borrower is servant to the lender. KJV

Now ask God for His mercy to deliver you from the debt and most importantly ask Him to deliver you out of what got you into the debt.

When you allow God and His Word to change the way you think, change you on the inside, change the way you act with money and finances and change the way you think about debt; then you will live debt free.  When God changes you on the inside then the way you deal with finances will agree with Him and that’s when the blessing of God will be able to flow freely to you.  The holes in your pocket, purse and billfold will be shut up when you know the truth of God’s Word for it’s the revelation of God’s truth that will set you free from financial bondage to the lenders.

Call out to God for His mercy in repentance, turning from having your own way and making it happen on your own and God will hear, forgive you and heal your finances.

Isa 1:19 If you will only let me help you, if you will only obey, then I will make you rich!  TLB