By Janie Baer

In order that you stay in faith you can’t hang around people who are bearers of  bad news all the time, people who condemn you, people who complain all the time, people who have a bad attitude all the time, and people who speak negative words or words that  filled with doubt and unbelief for they will drain your faith.

I know you may be married to that person or work with that person but don’t allow their language or actions get you down.  If they come around just don’t agree with them and speak positive words to counteract their words and break the power of their words in Jesus’ name.  At least then you will clear the air of demons who operate through those individuals.

Remaining in faith at all times you can’t look at other people who didn’t survive cancer or other sicknesses and diseases, had to take up bankruptcy, lost their job, lost their business, lost their marriage and family or failed in their faith to receive the things they believed for.  You just can’t remain in faith meditating on the faith failures of others.  Build your faith by remembering your own faith stories of victory.  You can also spend some time using your imagination and see yourself when faith has worked and now you sit in victory lane.  Read bible stories of people of faith who overcame and then see you with them enjoying the sweetness of victory. 

You must remember you are not healed because somebody else got healed but rather you are healed because God said you were healed by the stripes of Jesus.  There is enough power in that truth alone to heal you right now.  The same goes for all that Jesus provided for you.

I must tell you it is not easy to hold on to your faith because your senses and your mind will work against your faith and want to give up and there are plenty of negative people to try and talk you out your faith, but you must hold fast to your faith.  If living by faith were easy then more Christians would be doing it.  I believe you are one of those who will stand the test of your faith for you know that’s how you win; you win with faith.  And I declare, “You are a winner now!”

You need to get ready for enemy attacks against your faith and know that things may begin to look worse before they look better.  The Word of God must be your anchor, the stronghold of your mind through out it all.

Remind yourself to stay in faith because it is not you who is fighting the devil and his schemes to defeat you, but it is faith.  Hold on to your faith and you always win!

Apostle Paul tells you to “fight the good fight of faith”. This is the only fight you have as a believer.  You don’t fight the devil and other people but exercise your faith knowing that faith is at work for you now.  It is a “good fight of faith” because you always win if you don’t give up on your faith at work for you.  You apply your faith in the situation and then you can just rest in the fact that faith always causes you triumph over your enemies.

You must sell out to this very important truth, that God is working on what you believed Him to do and He doesn’t really need your assistance.  If you try to assist Him, that means you will only get in His way for His greater plan, His greater purpose and His greater results where He alone gets all the glory.  You must sell out to the truth that God and faith are working for you and that means you have supernatural help.