By Janie Baer

For the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus or the Word of God to work for you, you have to know about faith and how it works.  Your trust must be in His blood in order to know that you are righteous before God and receive any thing from God, including His protection in this dangerous world.  Your faith and trust must be in His name, the name that is above all other names in this earth including all your circumstances. You must trust His Word to change all things, for the Word created all things that you see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  And just one word from God can change your life forever.

Using your faith, there is nothing that you can’t do and God will skip over others just to get to you because you live by faith.

Staying in faith you have the backing of Father God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the angels, the Word of God, the covenant, the blood, the name of Jesus for your have access to heaven’s realm.  There are more who are with you than they that be against you, demonic or human.  You need to make up your mind the devil, cancer, car wrecks, plane crashes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or whatever have no ability to kill you as you have God’s protection.  Declare right now that you are not afraid of death and that there is nothing that can kill you for angels are encamped around about you and no evil shall befall you and no plague shall come near your dwelling, including swine flu.

Faith is always now and so when you speak in faith you can never speak of things happening in the future tense.  Speak of things as already done because faith has no time for faith is of God and God has no time.  You are healed now.   You are prosperous now.  You govern time now and you control time now by faith.  Things that would take time, like for a broken bone to heal, will take no more time to heal because faith shortens time.

Faith is a spiritual law that is a higher law than any natural law on the earth. The law of faith can take time forwards or backwards.  Have you been behind on your bills?  Then declare, “My bills are all paid in full now,” so that the law of faith can make you current. 

You need faith because you need faith when you pray (Mark 11:24), when you need wisdom (James 1:5-7), receive divine healing, dominate in the financial realm rather than being dominated by this world system, to operate out of the Kingdom of God system and to receive victory after victory and on and on.

You need to learn about faith, study faith, meditate faith and act in faith so that you can live by faith.

You need faith to pray any prayer (Mark 11:24).  You must understand your prayer doesn’t make faith work but faith makes your prayer work.
If you hold on to your faith then everything that has been stolen from you must be returned to you and you come out wanting for nothing!  This is a revelation, this is exact knowledge from God to you for this very day and it is what you can take to the bank!

The truth is you can’t even think right in this world without faith because of all that is going on.  Faith is truly a commodity sent from heaven to you.  Give God praise right now for faith!

You need to advance in your faith so that you don’t have to remain dependent on others to do your praying for you.  You need to put your own faith to work for you. 

God is not running this world but instead you are His agent here now to dominate in this world for Him by faith.  God has given you authority in this world and He has the ability if you use your faith.  The only reason the ability of God can flow in your life is because of the authority God has given you.  By the authority of God He has given you authority in this earth and so the devil will flee from you because he is already defeated. You have been given authority over this world, the systems of this world so that you will release God’s presence in this world, His ability in this world and His Kingdom to overtake Satan’s kingdom in the governments, the families of the earth, the education system, the religious groups, the media, the arts and even the financial institutions of this world system.  So start using your faith and get ready to do your part in taking these systems and declare the Lordship and Kingship of Jesus Christ over these kingdoms so that the “kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and Christ and He shall reign forever and ever”.

God has given you faith so that you can override time because faith is a higher law than time. You need to  stick with faith and this higher law will work things out for you. 

Faith is an energy and you can feel it in people.  You have probably been in a healing line and when the person praying came toward you, you felt power on your body.  That is faith.

Many have mental assent, “I believe the whole bible,” and faith is not working because they don’t believe it; they have mentally assented to believe it only because they have read it.

We have not been doing the supernatural because we have not known how faith worked.  And the first part of faith is that you must be a believer.

Once you get born again you receive a measure of faith and then you must exercise it.  Get a specific promise from the Word of God to feed faith to your heart, the part of you that believes and when it gets full it will speak to you.  It will tell you to get out of the boat.  You will have this confidence come over you that you know, that you know that now is the time. That is when you will get out of the boat and rise above all the things that have held you back in the past and walk into the plans and desires God has already prepared for you and receive your inheritance that came through Christ.

God has told you in  His Word, 1 Cor 3:21 Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours;…KJV  “All things are yours.”  God didn’t say that it belonged to the devil or belonged to the devil’s family.  He said it all belongs to you and you can now access it by faith and activate your faith by the Word of God.

You need to let the world see the God of the impossible work through you and do some things.  Staying in the Word will cause your faith to rise and you will want to get out of the boat and do something extraordinary.  You will not want your life to remain the same.  You will want to make more money, heal and deliver more people, bring more people into the Kingdom, live the supernatural life that is your inheritance, do extraordinary things, etc.