By Janie Baer

You have to remember that you can believe things with your heart that you can’t believe with your head because Romans 10:10 says, “with the heart man believeth”.  So to “believe with the heart” means that you are able to believe independent of sense evidence and intellect.  This means you can believe the Word of God independent of what is going on around you.  So you believe first with your heart and then you act on what you believe.  You must have faith on one side of the coin and believe on the other side of the coin in order for it to spend. 

If you are going to walk by faith you have to realize that faith is not something that you intellectually understand.  Faith goes beyond your mind and is a matter of your heart. You must realize if you are ever going to walk by faith, you can’t believe with your head.  Faith is a heart thing.  The things of faith will never agree with your head for the God kind of faith is of the spirit and not of the mind or the intellect.

Believing with your heart is how you got born again.

Rom 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. KJV

You believed with your heart and that’s when the new birth of your spirit happened.

You must sell out to the truth that God is working on what you believed Him to do and that He doesn’t really need your assistance.  You trying to assist Him means that you will only get in His way for His greater plan, His greater purpose and His greater results where He alone gets all the glory.  You must sell out to the truth that God and faith are working for you.

This is a powerful truth you must never forget that belief is of the heart and not the head, for the heart was designed by God to believe the Word of God.  That’s really its purpose.  It is designed so that if you continually put the Word of God in your heart on a regular basis through meditation, then you will become like Abraham, fully persuaded it is yours right now.  Faith comes from your heart.

Yes, others will think you are crazy when you are fully persuaded and your circumstances have not changed one bit.  They can’t see how you could be that persuaded but you have come to the place where you see it because it’s in your heart. 

This is exciting to me that you can believe things with your heart that your head will never be able to comprehend.  So fill your heart with the Word so that it explodes in you and you can see manifestations of your faith.

The Bible tells you to doubt not in your heart.  You are able to do this by filling your heart with the Word of God through meditation and then you will begin to see yourself as the Word declares you are.  Doubt not in your heart is possible because your heart was designed to believe the Word of God.  It is easy for your heart to believe the Word of God.  But again at the same time, your head will still be full of doubt but you must act in faith any way.  So don’t be confused if thoughts of doubt enter your mind and think that doubt is of your heart.  No, your heart never doubts the Word of God for it was designed to believe.