By Janie Baer

They call “cancer” the big “C” word.  Is it really?  I beg to differ as a Christian.

I hope the information in this article will give hope to you who have been given no hope because a doctor has diagnosed you with cancer.

I would hope you would rather focus your attention on “Christ” no matter what stage of cancer has been diagnosed and no matter whether you are a Christian or not.  “Christ” should be the big “C” word in your life right now and there is nothing to fear when you use it.  What does it mean?  It means, “The Anointed One” and refers to His anointing.  Jesus is the Christ, “The Anointed One”.  And His anointing is burden removing, yoke destroying power.

There is no type of cancer that can stand up to the anointing of Christ, the Anointed One.  And contrary to some, He is still anointed today to remove all curses, including cancer, from all people and still wants to “heal them all” just like He did in the Bible.  Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday,and to day, and for ever. KJV

This revelation of Christ’s anointing should rid us of all fear of cancer.  Many just need to be given the revelation of Christ’s anointing and that it is free and available to all just like chemotherapy or radiation is readily available.  The chemotherapy and radiation are costly but the anointing is free and available to all.

I know there are many questions that arise when we talk about healing and so I hope my answers from the Word of God will convince you that Christ and His anointing is available to you just as easily as the chemotherapy or radiation.

What is cancer anyway?  Cancer is a disease.  So according to the Bible since it is a disease then cancer is a curse.  If you look at Deuteronomy 28, you will find all the curses that are a result of not keeping the Law of Moses and cancer being a disease is included. 

Now since cancer is a curse, you as a Christian have been redeemed from all the curses listed under the Law according to Galatians.  How did that happen?  Galatians 3:13-14 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:14 That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; KJV

You see Christ actually purchased your freedom from cancer or any other curse when He became a curse and hung on His cross.  See, His sacrifice was for your total man, spirit, soul and body.

Some believe God gave them cancer.  Did God give you cancer?  If He did, then Christ Jesus was cursed for no reason for you and you might as well take Galatians 3:13 out of your bible.  But I don’t want to take Galatians 3:13 out of my bible because I have received healing by taking that promise as my very own and you can also.

If you believe God gave you cancer, my question to you is; where would God get cancer to give it to you and why would He give it to you?   There is no cancer in heaven for God to give it to you and it would be contrary to the bible for God to give you a curse.  James 1:17-18 Whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God above, who created all heaven's lights. Unlike them, he never changes or casts shifting shadows. 18 In his goodness he chose to make us his own children by giving us his true word. And we, out of all creation, became his choice possession. NLT God never changes.  His desire to bless you never changes.

If He put cancer on you He would be putting a curse on you and therefore He would be ignoring Galatians 3:13 and Jesus becoming a curse for you so that you could receive the blessing.

Some say cancer and other bad things happen to you because God is punishing you for your sins or is trying to teach you something or make you a better witness.  Why would God give you cancer or any other bad thing to punish you for your sins; when as a Christian, God has punished Jesus for all of your present sins, past sins, and even our future sins from the foundation of the earth.

Ephesians 1:2-7 Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. 3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: 4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love: 5 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, 6 To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved. 7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; KJV

Why would God give you cancer to teach you something?  Would you give your children something bad to hurt them or destroy them so they could learn something?  Certainly not.  Being a good parent you would sit them down and tell them not only not to do some thing again but you would show them why it is wrong and the consequence of it. And anyway, teaching your children by abuse, don’t people get arrested for child abuse in our society?  Then how could God not be guilty of abuse if He put cancer on His children to teach them something or for any other reason and how could He not be guilty of not keeping His Word, especially Galatians 3:13.

Here is what the Word of God says about correction from God to His children:  2 Timothy 3:16-17 Every Scripture is God-breathed (given by His inspiration) and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience, [and] for training in righteousness (in holy living, in conformity to God's will in thought, purpose, and action), 17 So that the man of God may be complete and proficient, well fitted and thoroughly equipped for every good work. AMP

So our correction as a child of God comes from the Word of God.  The Word of God instructs, reproves, convicts us of the righteousness of God in Christ (Does not condemn by the way.), corrects of error, disciplines and trains in holy living and conforming to God’s will.  That is why we need to read it and meditate it daily so we aren’t taken advantage of by our ignorance of God and His Word and His love for us as His children.

Who in his right mind would want to listen to someone testify of their great God giving them cancer and want to have any thing to do with Him? 

Would you want your children tell their friends how you did bad things to them in order to teach them?  Certainly not.  And neither does God because He is not a child abuser for He is the best Father this planet will ever know anything about and from which all fatherhood should be copied.

And how can having cancer make a good witness of God when most sick with any kind of sickness or disease (especially cancer) are not able to be a good witness because of the pain and suffering.  The pain and suffering are also a good indication it is not from Father God.

Why did Jesus, the Christ, come to this earth for any way? Here are some scriptures I think will answer that question:

John 10:9-11 The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come in order that you might have life — life in all its fullness. 11 "I am the good shepherd, who is willing to die for the sheep. TEV

1 John 3:8  The reason the Son of God was made manifest (visible) was to undo (destroy, loosen, and dissolve) the works the devil [has done]. AMP

Jesus came to destroy cancer, sickness, disease and all curse and that is what you see Him doing in the Gospels.  And Jesus told us He only did and said what the Father told Him to say and do and it was the Father through Him doing works of “healing and delivering them all”.

Do you think if Adam and Eve had not sinned, would God use sickness, disease or calamity to teach them?  Certainly not and neither does He use them to teach us, His children, whom the Bible declares He loves us as much as He loves Jesus.  Did He teach Jesus with cancer, sickness, disease, or calamity?  Certainly not.  People are put in prison for child abuse.  God is not a child abuser.

Here are the facts & the truth about Cancer vs. Christ:

Cancer is a disease

Christ is the Anointed One who destroys all disease in your body, including cancer.

Cancer is not the big “C” word.  

Christ has been given a name above all names, the name of “Jesus”, which includes cancer.  The name of Jesus has been given to you to speak and see cancer leave your body now!

Cancer is evil and not God sent.

Christ is God sent to be your Savior from cancer now!

Cancer is life threatening.

Christ has brought you abundant life to the full till it over flows.

Cancer comes to kill, steal & destroy.           

Christ came to destroy the works of the devil which includes all diseases and that means all evil works of cancer in your body now!

Cancer is a fact.

Christ is the way (Your way out of cancer.), the TRUTH (The truth, He has redeemed you from cancer.), and the LIFE (How can cancer live in your body where Christ, God, Life Himself  lives?)

Cancer can be diagnosed.

"In Christ" is really who God and His Word says you are and what you have in this life. (See "In Him" scriptures on my website, so you can declare who you are "in Christ" and what Christ has made you to have.)

Cancer checkups are what they recommend.

In Christ, you are told to look continually into the perfect law of liberty, the Word of God; primarily the Book of Acts through Revelations and make a checkup daily of the blessings of Christ on your body and do no checkups for the curse from which Christ has purchased your freedom.  (James 1:22-25)

Years ago I was doing a check on my body for lumps as recommended and the Holy Ghost asked me, “What are you checking for?  Are you checking for the curse? You shouldn’t be looking for the curse on your body but for the blessing Jesus purchased for you.”

I have found so many times that woman especially, if the enemy can get a breast or even both with cancer he will get the female organs and on and on.  If he can place fear of cancer in our minds that is where the seed for cancer is first planted and then manifested in the body if we meditate on it long enough, start believing it and speaking it; like, “Cancer runs in my family so I probably will get it,” or other words to bring it to pass in our lives.  That is why we need to fill our minds and mouths daily with whom and what Christ has made us to be and what He has purchased for us.

Here is your hope of never having cancer or hope when the doctor speaks the word “cancer” to you.  If you will meditate and speak these words of hope every day, as many time as you take treatments or medication then you will receive the hope inside of you that will remove all fear and allow the Anointed One and His anointing to work.

Let’s make this confession of our faith in Christ and His anointing every day:

I am redeemed from all the curse of the Law since Jesus became a curse for me.  I will not tolerate these curses for they are not in my new covenant in Christ Jesus established in the righteousness of Jesus.  I do not allow the curses of the Law to come on my body.  Christ Jesus has redeemed me from destruction and perishing before my time.  This new covenant has given me the blessing of living a long, full and satisfying life.  Christ Jesus has redeemed me from all pestilence which bring agonizing death, including cancer.  Christ is the big “C” in my life and not cancer.  Christ Jesus has redeemed me from tuberculosis, cancer, progressive wasting of my body, fever, inflammation, and effects of draught, decay, and mildew.  Christ Jesus has defeated my enemies and I am completed in Him.  Christ Jesus has redeemed me from boils, tumors, malignant diseases causing a discharge, scurvy (bleeding gums and livid skin patches), scabies, hives, rashes and all skin diseases, which cause an itch.  Christ Jesus has redeemed me from going crazy because of what I see going on around me. Christ Jesus has redeemed from every curse that tries to come on me and overtake me so that I am destroyed. Christ Jesus has redeemed me from all sickness and plague having a long duration.  Christ Jesus has redeemed me from every disease that is in the world. Christ Jesus has redeemed me from all sickness that is known and all sickness that is not known.  Christ Jesus has redeemed me from every sickness that has ever been on the earth and ever will be on the earth.  Christ Jesus has redeemed me from exhaustion in my heart, my eyes, my mind, and my spirit. Christ Jesus has redeemed from all the curses now!  Because of Christ Jesus none of these will come on my body.  My life is now in Christ Jesus, my Lord, and I am forever set free from all of these curses now on this earth!  I now look for the blessing of Christ on my body.

I personally know this works.  My family and I for over 30 years have not had a doctor’s appointment, hospital stay or had to take medication; we just took the Word of God for our healing.  And really the more you know the truth of the Word of God, like myself, you will find that you will have very little symptoms come on your body.

I once ministered to a man who had been diagnosed with cancer in his bladder and the Lord had me to speak, “Cancer cannot be in your body, the Body of Christ.  Cancer cannot be in your body, the Body of Christ.  Cancer cannot be in your body, the Body of Christ.”  There was such a strong anointing present.  A few days later he went back to the doctor and they found no cancer in his bladder.  To God be the glory, great things He has done for us through Christ. 

So it is Christ in you who is your hope of glory not only in the life to come but also in this life.  Live in Him, vitally connected to Him in your every day life.  Your intimate relationship with Him filled with love and acceptance is where you will stay free from things that would come to kill, steal and destroy in your life. His love frees you from fear, worry, stress, rejection and condemnation that really are the killers in this day in which we live. A good remedy is just to spend time with Him enveloped in His love, a day would be much to your advantage.

I have listed on my website scriptures and confessions to help you stay strong in your covenant right of divine health and also to restore to you what Jesus purchased for you.  I agree with you for your deliverance from cancer and that you continue to live in divine health.  I also offer to you on my website a book of Doddie Osteen’s, "Healed of Cancer" to encourage you. God bless you, in Jesus' name.