By Janie Baer

It is wrong for you to say, “All I need is a little more money.  Money is the answer to all my problems.  I would be happy if I had a little more money.  If I had more money I wouldn’t be so stressed.”

Saying things like that means you have made money your source and the answer to all of your problems.

Check yourself out, when you have a need what is the first thing that you think?

Most would answer, “If I only had more money.  I just need more money.”

Whether you realize it or not saying things like that you are looking to money as your source and not God.

That is what Jesus was teaching in Luke, trusting in unrighteous mammon versus trusting God.

Here’s what happens with lots of Christians.  They say what they need is more money, making money their source.  Then they hear biblical principles of tithing and sowing and reaping.  They think what they need is more money, making money their source.  So they look to God and apply the biblical principles of tithing and sowing and reaping, expecting God to supply them with more of what they want which is more money.  They don’t realize what they are doing is making money their source and making God their servant to get the money. 

The devil and his world system works overtime to make us believe money is our source so that when we apply the Kingdom principles of tithing, sowing and reaping we make God our servant instead of our Source.

We must repent and start believing what the bible tells us that God is our Source and money is our servant.

To activate the power of the anointing working on your behalf it would be to your advantage if you would declare continually, every day, “God is my Source and money is my servant.”

You must believe God gives you the power to get wealth and it is God and not money who supplies all of your needs.  You must come to realize it is the anointing, the power of the Kingdom of God, that you need more of to bring increase to you rather than money which is the lesser power, the power of this world.

This is the revelation you must have and act on to activate the power of the anointing in your behalf right now.  So trust in the anointing to be your source no matter how bad things look and declare again, “God is my Source and money is my servant.”
Looking to money as your source, things are only going to get worse because God’s hands are tied since you are leaning on the arm of flesh.

Jesus goes on further into this contest of mammon against God in your everyday life.

Luke 16:13 "No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."   NKJV

The one you serve with your life is the one who you will look to as your source. When you serve money you spend your whole life working, trying to earn more money.  That’s when money becomes your master.  That’s when you don’t ask God for your assignment he has given you in the earth and doing it because you have to work a job to make more money because you are looking to money and believe money is the answer to all your problems and money is your source.  When money is your source you then become a servant to money and you have to spend all of your days trying to make a living.

When you make God your Source then you will be serving God, operating in your God given assignment, operating in the principles of God and operating out of His Kingdom.  God then provides every need whether it be money or other necessary things you need, want and desire because money is not your source. God is your Source and the answer to all things in your life.

Here’s a powerful confession to declare the power of the anointing over your life:



What I need is more of the anointing of God in my life to see continual increase financially and in every way.  The anointing goes far beyond what money can do for me.  The anointing empowers me for financial increase and wealth and pays my bills. The anointing eliminates debt from my life since Jesus, the Anointed One, is my Jubilee.  The anointing brings me favor, promotions and creative ideas and witty inventions for wealth.  The anointing makes me an invaluable employee.  The anointing creates incredible prosperity for my business even when there are ups and downs in the economy.  The anointing heals my body and releases divine health.  The anointing delivers me from all fear, all stress, all worry, all insecurities and gives me value and worth.