By Janie Baer

God has made each one of us extraordinary people whether we know it or not.  At least He knows you are extraordinary.

Believing the truth God has made you extraordinary helps you not allow extraordinary challenges to take over your mind and then take over your life.

The kind of life we live today and tomorrow are a direct result of our thoughts and our words we speak.  Thoughts are so important because thoughts lead to our attitudes and feelings, and attitudes and feelings lead to what we say and the actions we take.

It is so important that we know this because the Bible tells us,

Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:…. KJV

Matthew 12:34 ….for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.  KJV

James 3:6 And the tongue is a flame of fire. It is full of wickedness that can ruin your whole life. It can turn the entire course of your life into a blazing flame of destruction, NLT

If we do not agree with God our Maker that He has made us extraordinary then we will be run over by the extraordinary challenges that come to us in our individual lives.  We have to realize extraordinary people will have extraordinary challenges because they are headed to an extraordinary future.

Don’t let the challenges get you down.  You were not made to believe for failure.  You were made to believe God made you extraordinary with extraordinary courage and has given you extraordinary abilities to face extraordinary problems so you can go forward into your extraordinary future.

Since our words follow our thoughts and lead to the results we have in our lives, I have included in this article some declarations or confessions that you can speak over your life each and every day and will bring you into the extraordinary life God planned out for you.

Start declaring them and start living your extraordinary life!

I’m An Extraordinary Person: 
God has made me an extraordinary person with an extraordinary mentality, stepping into an extraordinary future with supernatural doors opening to me, overcoming every obstacle, seeing the defeat of every enemy, and seeing every God given dream and desire come to pass.

My Past Leads Me to My Extraordinary Life:
Everything I have experienced in my life has made me into who I am today; for every mistake I made God had a purpose for it and every wrong thing done to me didn’t take from me but rather allowed God to deposit something in me.

Going through a lot of negative things only indicates to me that my future is bigger, brighter and greater than I could have ever imaged.

What was meant for my harm, God’s going to use to my advantage in my future.

Faith rising up in me I realize what has happened to me in the past is not as important to me as the greatness God was getting me ready for today.

My Perspective of Things as an Extraordinary Person:
Though I live in a world filled with difficult challenges I have the right perspective which keeps my faith in God strong and I overcome every challenge.

Things may get difficult but I am not a light weight or a pushover.

I will never forget I have big challenges because I am a big person with a big destiny and the challenges are only stepping stones into my destiny.

I realize average people have average problems and ordinary people have ordinary challenges but I am not average or ordinary but extraordinary; so I know I will face extraordinary problems and challenges but I won’t allow them to frustrate me or get me depressed.

Average people would have gotten discouraged with my circumstances and given up by now or settled where they were.

Facing incredible problems I stay encouraged knowing I am an incredible person with an incredible future and knowing I will experience one incredible victory after another.

I recognize obstacles are not there to hold me back or defeat me but opportunities to push me forward and promote me into what God has prepared and planned for me.

When problems look like they just can’t be worked out I remember I am a child of the Most High God, created in His image, and wearing a crown of His favor. 

In tough times I dig my heels in with the attitude I have come too far to stop now, “I’m in it for the win”, and “I’m a child of the Most High God so who or what in this world can be against me?”

Sizes of My Problems & The Size of My Extraordinary Future: 
When it comes to problems and my future I remember this principle; when God allows problems in my life He doesn’t match it to the size I might think I am but to the size of my destiny.

It does not matter the size of my problems but the size I am on the inside; and with God on the inside of me I am bigger on the inside than the problems I face on the outside.

I understand the size of my problems indicates the size of my future; so the bigger the challenge only indicates to me I have a big future ahead of me.

Having little challenges, little problems, and little opposition is a sign I am coasting and not growing and I need to stir up the extraordinary God has placed on the inside of me.

Like David facing the giant, Goliath, I may face extraordinarily big problems but they will only bring out the extraordinary person I am and bring extraordinary promotion to me.

Like David with just a sling shot and a few stones to defeat Goliath; all I need is just a little of God’s favor and that changes everything.

God Given Dreams in My Extraordinary Life:
I am empowered to accomplish every dream God has placed in my heart. 

Through all difficulties I face I will not back down from my dreams, be negative, complain or talk like my dreams will never happen, for if God be for me who or what in this world could dare be against me?

I will never forget the dreams God has placed on the inside of me nor feel sorry for myself when my dreams take a long time for I know positively in due season God will bring them to pass.

My God size dreams are so big and look so impossible but with God’s strength, God’s wisdom and God’s favor I will see them, I will live in my dreams!

I realize as I go forward in pursuing my God given dreams I will have major challenges because I am a major person, with major dreams, with a major future God has planned out for me. Like Joseph in the Bible I will never let my dreams get pushed down by adversity, buried under disappointment or failure or rejection or injustice; but my dreams will remain alive in me so that God, Who is in control of my life, will bring them to pass and will bring incredible promotion to me.

As it was in David’s life, I know it’s not my time to keep the sheep any more but to keep the nation and move from being in the background to the foreground where my every God given dream comes to pass.

With Psalms 107:23 being my inspiration, I have come out into the deep and have given up little dreams, little ideas, and little plans and instead I dare to believe and expect big dreams, big ideas and big plans for this is a brand new day for me in Christ Jesus.

I will never loose enthusiasm for my dreams and get bitter about circumstances but I will instead shake them off knowing I serve an incredible God Who will bring them to pass.

God Is Involved In My Extraordinary Life:
God created me to overcome all problems, all challenges and destined me to live in total victory.

God knows my capabilities and sees my potential and will use them to bring about my extraordinary life.

The obstacles I face may look like Goliath and seem impossible but God wouldn’t have allowed them in my life had He not known I could and would overcome them.

God doesn’t allow big challenges to face small people, so the big problems I face today that seem over my head will not overwhelm me, for they are a sure sign God has made me a big person with a big destiny.

God would not allow a major, Goliath challenge in my life and then just give me a little favor, a little strength, a little wisdom but instead God has equipped me with Goliath size favor, with Goliath size strength, with Goliath size wisdom so I would have exactly what I need to overcome every obstacle.

God has me in the palm of His hand so right beyond every difficulty I face is a new level of God’s favor.

In the big challenges I know I am a big person serving a big God and God will show up every time and make a way where it looks like there is no way.

Psalms 107:23 inspires me in difficult circumstances and lets me know when I go down to the sea and do business in deep waters I will see the wonders of God, I will see God do the impossible for me with supernatural doors opening to me, divine promotion, vindication, accomplishment of impossible goals, enemies overcome more powerful than me, deliverance from sickness and disease and every addiction that would hold me back.

In deep waters I know I will not go under for God is fighting my battles and in just a matter of time God will show up with His mighty hand of deliverance.

I will not retreat and run from problems or enemies however big they may be, for their size doesn’t matter when God the Creator of the universe is on my side and is backing me up with His might and delivering power.

I don’t have to worry when I face big problems because I serve a big God and they are just a part of the fulfillment of my destiny.

My Faith In My Extraordinary Life:
I am an extraordinary person for that is whom God created me to be.

I am more determined than ever to become everything God has created me to be.

With every obstacle I face I am an overcome, I am a person of destiny and I stir up the zeal and the passion God has placed on the inside of me.

Every morning I remind myself I am equipped, empowered, anointed, strong, talented, creative, armed with strength for every battle, there is no challenge that’s too difficult for God and me, no sickness or disease can take control of my body or my life, no person can steal my dreams and destiny, and none of my enemies are more powerful than my God Who is all powerful.

I will remember at all times I am a son/daughter of the Most High God so I will not back down or allow disappointment or adversity to stop me; for the greatest power in the universe has made me more than a conqueror in every thing I face.

I will see my dreams and my destiny fulfilled no matter the action of other people, no matter the incredible disappointments or incredible problems or incredible rejection; for I know this is the time for me to experience incredible God given favor, incredible God given promotion and incredible God given vindication.

I see new levels of God’s favor as I press on in my faith in Him in the midst of all difficulties and let go of all offense no matter what wrong things are done to me.

Wearing the whole armor of God prepares me for what comes against me and means nothing can defeat me.

With the helmet of salvation I am not only at peace with God but my thoughts are positive, hopeful, and expectant of God’s favor to show up any time or any where. Wearing my breastplate of righteousness I know God has already approved and accepted me so it doesn’t matter how people respond to me or try to make me feel.

Wearing the belt of truth I am set free from all discouragement and lead into the victorious life in Christ Jesus.

Wearing my shoes of peace I step out of stress filled living and into the peaceful rest of God.

With the shield of faith I am ready for each difficulty that tries to bring me down and I am sure God is making a way where there seems to be no way.

With the Sword of the Spirit coming out of my mouth I am not complaining but instead my attitude is, “I’m blessed.  I am so rich. I have the favor of God.  I can do all things through Christ. I am strong in the Lord and the power of His might.  If God be for me who or what in this world can be against me?  My best days are still ahead of me.”

Armed with the armor of God, as a good soldier, I am protected, empowered and equipped so that nothing can take me down.

People Talk About Me & My Extraordinary Life:
I refuse to complain when people talk about me for people don’t talk about average or ordinary people but exceptional people and that’s why they are talking about me; I realize this just comes with the extraordinary life so I just shake it off and move forward.

Being an extraordinary person I have extraordinary critics but I will have extraordinary vindication.

I’ m not discouraged when people talk about me, not when I’m listening to God speak extraordinary things about me.

My Enemies Won’t Leave Me Alone In My Extraordinary Life:
I realize with my perspective of an extraordinary life I am headed to greater things and I know the enemy will not leave me alone for I am a threat to him; so I dig my heels in deep and don’t allow discouragement to come with the big problems for they are not too big for me.

I don’t get upset because of struggles with my finances but instead stay in faith knowing my enemy wouldn’t fight me if he didn’t know God had greater things in store for me.

I remain standing strong in the Lord and in the power of His might no matter what comes against me to try to stop me; whether it be adversities, disappointments, challenges, or forces of darkness, for their best will never be enough for my God and me.