By Janie Baer

Realize in this time God hasn’t forgotten you and He is releasing to you His supernatural, creative ideas and witty inventions that will prosper you and, as well, He has made available to you supernatural provision like the food supplies He provided for the children of Israel in the wilderness and the multitudes Jesus fed at least two different times.

There were millions of people in the wilderness He took care of for forty years and every day there was food and water and even their clothes and shoes grew with them and didn’t wear out.  That’s the supernatural we can expect in this time.  God has not forgotten you and the rest of His people in this time!

You must not keep your eyes on the natural ways of prospering in the earth for you have supernatural involvement in your life if you just recognize it, trust that it is true and receive it by faith. So quit looking at your job or jobs as your source and start looking within your spirit in order that the creative ideas and witty inventions God has placed in you can flow out of you and bring prosperity to you.


Lord, you have not forgotten me nor forsaken me.  I am open for you to release supernatural, creative ideas and witty inventions to me.  So I quit looking to my job or jobs and what I can do to prosper.  I will live out of my creative spirit and find the gifts, the creative ideas and witty inventions you promised me in your Word.  I recognize and submit to the truth and place my faith in your supernatural involvement in my life.