By Janie Baer

Romans 12 tells us not to be conformed to this world but be transformed by renewing our minds to the Word of God so that we can prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God for our lives.

Did you know scientists say a star that explodes in the universe, which you can see from earth, actually took place some 300 years ago.  It took time for us to be able to see it on this earth.  It’s the same in the Kingdom of God concerning our healing, deliverance, prosperity, and even Jesus’ dying on the cross for our sins.  The scriptures tell us, “…the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelation 13:8).  It all took place before the foundation of the world.  How could it happen?  Simple, to God there is no time.

The Bible tells us, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).  Everything that we see in the earth – birds, flowers, trees – were a part of God’s creation.  Time also, as we know it, is a creation of God.  It is defined by days, months, years, and seasons (Genesis 1:14).  God, who is called The Eternal in some Bible translations, created time but He Himself has no time.  He exists outside of time.  God is no older today than He was a million years ago.  Hours and minutes mean nothing to Him.  He lives in the eternal NOW (2 Peter 3:8).

Time was designed and created specifically for this earth.  God then created man in His own image, after His likeness, and gave him dominion over all the earth (Genesis 1:26).  "…over all the earth” includes time.  Yes, "time" was under man's authority. Have you heard the expression, "Time is money?" Well, the truth is, time is temporal. Temporal means, "having limited existence." It means "subject to change." We get our word "temporary" from it. God gave the earth over to mankind, which included time, and gave him dominion over it. Now you can see that time, like money, was made to serve man, not man made to serve time.

When I think of serving time, I think of being behind bars.  Time can make you a prisoner waiting for the answer, healing, finances, etc.  So we can make time serve us by using our faith in God and His promises and then time will serve us, for with faith there is no more time.

Well, how did things get turned upside down?  Why does mankind, who was given dominion over time, have to wait on time and conform to the natural process of time? 

When someone breaks a bone it takes time for it to heal but when someone releases their faith for healing for that person and takes authority over time; the arm will be healed instantly.  That is the difference between faith and natural healing.  There is no more time.  We all from time to time need something done immediately and so this is really good news.

Faith is a gift to us to dominate time and matter on this earth.  Faith is also a spiritual law that supersedes all natural laws when put into operation.

When Adam, the first man God created, sinned in the garden he fell from his God given place of dominion, and having the mind of The “Eternal” God, to limited cursed-based thinking and seeing things through the natural progression of time.  So then time began ruling and subduing everything and everybody on earth.  God had a plan called the “plan of redemption,” where man could “redeem the time” and be restored, through Jesus Christ, to his authority over the earth and over time.  God gave man a higher law than time.  It’s called faith.  Faith elevates man above the limits of time and matter. It determines when things will happen, not time. And faith is always NOW.

This is really encouraging to know because now when we think of living by faith, we can realize that we can call time and realize living by faith makes it be ours now, present tense.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “You’re going to be healed.”  No!  It says, " whose stripes ye were healed" (I Peter 2:24).  In the Book of Joel it says, "Let the weak say, I am strong," not putting it off in our future and say  “…I’m going to be strong someday.”  (Joel 3:10)  No.  In God’s mind, it’s already done, and faith agrees with God and we need to agree with God.  The way we get the promises of God into our lives is by faith.  We agree with God.  This is why some Christians don’t see the miracles or their blessings manifested.  They refuse to accept that whatever God is going to do for them, He’s already done (Isaiah 46:10).  Remember, faith has no futureIf you are thinking and speaking future, then you’re not in faith.  If you are not in faith, then time will rule over your life and make you wait.

In Mark, a Greek (Syrophenician) woman besought Jesus and got Him to cast the devil out of her daughter even though it was not her time (the Gospel was for the Jew first, Romans 1:16).  By faith, she moved the hand of time from the future to the “NOW,” and her daughter was delivered.

As believers, we must change our thinking from serving time to dominating time.  Renewing our minds to what would normally take a year, can now take a day.  If you are hearing and seeing through the veil of time, you are hearing and seeing through the veil of the curse.  The opposite is also true, if you are hearing and seeing it done NOW then you are hearing and seeing it through the law of FAITH.

Many people never realized their dreams or fulfilled their destinies because they simply ran out of time?

I decree right NOW, “You shall no longer serve time, but time shall serve you,” in Jesus’ name.

So "... be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind...?(Romans 12:2). 

Jesus did not conform to this world or allow the laws of this world to govern Him.  He had a NOW mentality.  “Today” was one of His favorite words.  “Straightway” and “Immediately” were words that most often described the timing of miracles He performed in the Gospel of Mark.

If there is something in your life that you’ve been praying about, waiting for, or hoping to happen someday, you need to remember every one of God’s promises are available to you NOW.  If Father God had intended for us to live by natural time, He never would have given us faith.

Let’s make this confession:  I am NOW no longer conformed to this world nor do the laws of this world, including time, NOW govern my life or me.  I have been given authority over time and matter NOW; therefore I NOW no longer serve time, wait on time nor conform to the natural process of time that’s in the will of God.  I am the just and I live by faith.  Father God has given me the gift of faith. So I NOW don’t have to live by natural time dominating my life’s situations since by faith I NOW take authority and dominion over time and situations and time serves me.  I am NOW healed and made whole by the stripes of Jesus.  I NOW lend to many and I don’t have to borrow ever again.  My bills are paid in full NOW for I owe no man anything NOW but to love them.  Wealth and riches are in my house NOW.  I am NOW the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.  I NOW have the mind of Christ.  I NOW have overcome the world for greater is He Who is in me NOW then he that is in the world.  All of my needs are NOW met, including food, shelter, gasoline, etc., according to my Father’s riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Hallelujah!  I NOW no longer serve time but time serves me.