By Janie Baer

To find out if you have a wrong emotional relationship with money answer these questions:

How does money affect you?

  • Do you feel better if you have lots of money?
  • Do you feel bad, embarrassed, or inferior if you don’t have plenty of money?
  • Does it embarrass you if you don’t have the money to go out and eat with your friends?
  • Does money change your moods?
  • Does having plenty of money or not having enough money affect your relationships with other people?
  • What value do you place on money?
  • What value do you gain from money?

You shouldn’t be embarrassed if you don’t have money to go out to eat and do things with your friends.  If you do you are gaining a sense of value from money because you are afraid of what they will think of you if you don’t have any money.  You must see you have in your heart the love of money, a wrong emotional relationship with money.

Below is a prayer for you to pray and receive your deliverance from the love of money and receive the right emotional relationship with money.



Lord, deliver me from all the deceptions that come with money.  I repent of idolatry, unfaithfulness with handling money and being unfaithful in allowing money to take over my thinking, emotions and stealing my love for you.  I declare you only are my God and you only will I worship.  Lord, forgive me and cleanse me from the wickedness of the love of money.  Cleanse me with your Word and set me free.  I repent for allowing money control my feelings or emotions when I have little or lots of money so that I feel bad, sad, worried, fearful, embarrassed and inferior.  I repent for allowing money control my moods.  I also repent for allowing money control my relationships with people when I have little or lots of money.  Help me to place value on money according to your Word.  My value will no longer be determined by the amount of money I possess.  You through your Son have set me free from taking my value and worth from money and things and I now recognize my value and worth come only from you and your Word.  Lord, challenge me and correct me so I am prepared and able to steward well the money of the Kingdom so that your Kingdom work can be expanded everywhere around the world as a result of my stewardship of your money, in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.