We are a spirit, we have a soul and our spirit is housed in our body. Keeping and developing a strong spirit is key to living by faith in God and His Word and what will enable us to overcome this world and its problems and challenges. Developing our spirit is just as important as developing our minds and bodies. It is imperative that we live no longer as mere men/women, mere humans, out of the vanity of our minds but as the new man in Christ and that means we have to develop a strong spirit and keep it strong. I will in this teaching show you how to develop your spirit and keep it strong.

We are the ones who determine whether our spirit is kept strong or is weak. A strong spirit is developed by meditating the Word, putting it in our eyes and ears. This Word then stirs up faith in our hearts and then we say faith instead of doubt and unbelief and sickness and poverty and the bad report, what the checkbooks says, what the natural says about us. The Word of God that we speak instead of the problem changes things to what the Word says about us and it gets in line with the perfect will of God for us.