By Janie Baer

It is only through faith you will ever access your inheritance in Christ Jesus. Without faith the things God wants to do in you, for you and through you will never be accomplished, nor will you live on the level God intended for you to live on this earth.  Without faith you will miss God’s best.  Simply find the promises God has made to you in the scriptures, meditate them so that your faith is built up and then start declaring that it is done right now.

Everything you need God to do for you and everything promised to you in the Word of God is accessed and activated by faith in the Kingdom of God system. That is why you must operate in faith and develop a sensitivity to the unseen realm, the heavenly realm and pretty soon you will hear and see, sense things in your spirit out of that realm.  This will enable God to communicate with you just as He did with Adam and Eve in the Garden and that is what He desires.

Without faith in the “blessing of God” on your life, you will work for a living just like Jacob did in the Old Testament; but once your faith is in operation for the blessing you will gain a sweat less increase just like Jacob (Gen 30:27-34).  To overcome this world’s system you will have to have your faith in God and His Word (1 John 5:3,4)

You can develop your faith so that God is able to reveal to you the things that are going on in the earth around you like the plots of wicked people and terrorists and escape unharmed (2 Kings 6), He can show you where every virus, germ and plague is on the earth and you be able to resist it,  He can show you how to escape the financial and food famine around you, He will show you how to be in control living by faith out of your spirit and out of the control of the world.  Put faith to work in your finances, your business, your marriage and relationships, raising your children, and your health because the enemy will bring his assaults in all those areas.

Jesus is asking you today, “Where is your faith?”  Where is your faith in this economic downturn?  Where is your faith for healing and miracles?  He wants to remind you that He didn’t just promise to prosper you in times of good economy.  He has told you that wealth and riches shall be in your house and He will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus and all your needs will be met as you seek first the Kingdom of God and put your trust in its operation for you.  Jesus is reminding you today He is going to be the One who is going to get you safely to the other side of this economic downturn and all other bad things that are happening in this earth. So, where is your faith?  Let it be in Him and His Word alone.

It is time to access another realm by faith that is higher than this realm of the natural where you have to live from paycheck to paycheck.  With faith you can live from blessing to blessing to blessing.  It’s time you live by faith and quit looking at the financial famine in the earth and expect to see yourself becoming a millionaire so that you can become a millionaire.  Faith requires that you see yourself as a millionaire now.   With your God given imagination you can take the Word of God and allow it to paint some wealthy pictures in your mind so that the picture gets larger and larger and faith can release it.  Faith is doing the impossible that you had no way of doing yourself.

Monumental things may come against you but you can’t continue to focus on them.  Instead stay in faith by looking at the promises from the Word of God to you that declare it is already done.  You must keep your eyes on the promises even though the problems are there.  Look at the problems through the eye of faith, seeing yourself on the other side of the problem with the victory faith has gotten for you.  See yourself healed and made whole and speak like it is done.  See yourself with the fantastic job, career or ministry you always wanted or the prospering business you have dreamed of successfully running.  See yourself married to God’s mate for you.  Allow those pictures to captivate your mind’s eye, allowing faith to go to work to create them.