F Favor flows towards me from Father’s love.

A Anointing pours out to me through the power of Father’s great love.

T Trust is my experience in Father’s love.

H Healing is released to me from the healing of Father’s love.

E Eternal security has been provided for me in Father’s love.

R Rest for my soul is available any time in Father’s love.

G Goodness flows like a river towards me through Father’s love.

O Overjoyed is my state in Father’s lavished love.

D Daddy, Father God, to me in this relationship of unconditional love.

‘S Safety is my dwelling in Father God’s rich love.

L Liberty is what I experience in Father God’s never ending love.

O One with the Father as a result of His love

V Victory is secured for me by the Father’s love.

E Edification is what I can expect in Father God’s love.

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