Here are some wonderful truths my pastor, Dr. Christopher Longgrear, shared with me and I know will really bless you and strengthen your faith in Daddy’s love.

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1Jn 4:15  Whoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwells in him and he in God.

All we did to receive eternal life was to believe in Jesus as the Lamb of God that carried away our sin, & we declared that trust in Him by calling upon Him for salvation! To confess Him is a combination of declaring out of your mouth what you believe about Him in your mind! When you combined the belief in Him in your mind with your calling upon Him with your mouth, you received the force of divine life in your spirit!

A double birthing took place at your New-birth: God’s life came into your spirit, & you were placed into Him by the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit of life placed God into you & you into God! So, literally & vitally, God is in you, & you are in Him! He can never be removed from you & you can never be removed from Him! God is sealed into you & you are absorbed & sealed into Him!

The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of your salvation, through & through, for all of eternity, once you’ve been Born-again!

16  And we have known and believed the love that God has in us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.

We have God’s love for us abiding within us, & we need to experience that love, by soaking in it, resting in it, believing in it, & meditating upon it. As you soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit, He manifests Father’s love for you in a tangible manner, & you experience Daddy’s love in a genuine way!

To believe in God’s love for you is to release you into the joy of it! When you know that you are loved by God the Father, God the Son, & God the Spirit, unconditionally, you are motivated by their love to receive it into your belief system, & to flow in it, go in it, & grow in it!

Let us remember that everything we have, do, or will receive from God is a gift: it’s undeserved, unmerited, & unearned. Because everything from God to us is a gift, we are free to receive it, believe, & retrieve it, from the Holy Spirit, who places them into us & us into them!

You may believe in theory that God loves you without experiencing the reality & vitality of His love. Until you experience His love for you, you’re missing the touch of the heart of God, for He is love!

God the Father doesn’t merely have love for you, (which would still be a very powerful reality in itself), but HE IS LOVE! Love is who He is, what He is, & how He is, for you, to you, with you, in you, & through you!

It’s impossible for The Lord to not love you, for love is His nature: love is what motivated each member of the Holy Trinity to create man, mingle with man, redeem man after his fall, & restore man back into the life, kingdom, & family of God!

Once you’ve been Born-again, you are sealed into God’s love, & it, like His life, is sealed into you! Literally, you are a love-child of God! His love has made you His child, & His love flowing through you along with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus, will draw other people to Him through the love you pour on them!

Because God is love, you are Born-again in Him, you have become a manifestation of His love! Even if & when it doesn’t seem to flow through your moods & attitudes, it doesn’t change the reality of you being filled with the Love of God, & Romans 5:5 confirms this as truth! Your emotional & mental condition can’t alter the reality of God’s love that fills your spirit, but your moods & attitudes can hinder His love from flowing through you freely, & revealing Him fully to others you interact with!

So when you are experiencing difficulties from life-in-general, that’s a great opportunity for you to withdraw into the presence of God for a session of soaking in His love for you! It’s good for what ails you!

17  In this is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, that as He is, so also we are in this world.

Our love, when filled with His love, is transformed! In fact, do we have real, full, complete love without Him? I don’t think so, & I can confirm this opinion in asking you to think about your earthly relationships: nearly every person-to-person relationship you’ve had has been affected by your performance in that relationship, right? Marriages, jobs, friendships, church membership, & family relationships have all been affected by what we did or didn’t do in them. Because of that pattern, we’ve come to believe that Daddy’s love for us is just as conditional as people’s have been! NOT TRUE! He cannot fail in loving you, because GOD IS LOVE!  (That’s God the Father, Son, & Spirit): they each love you unconditionally & unfailingly!

A revelation of God’s love for you will bring transformation to your life! You are gradually & consistently delivered from fear of God that causes you to expect Him to turn off His love to you when you don’t perform up to His standards: you are also conformed into the image & likeness of Jesus, & you become strong in Him & bold in the strength & passion of His love for people because of realizing His unlimited love for you!

As you soak in the love of God for you, you are encouraged & emboldened in the flow of His love for people, & you cast off the restraints of fearfulness, because you come to realize that since God is for you, who or what can stand against you! Remember, according to 1 Cor. 13.8, God’s love (for You) never fails!

18  There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has torment. He who fears has not been perfected in love.

Experiencing God’s love for you, & expressing it through you, crushes fear (of rejection) out of your life! As you experience His love, you realize the truth of being accepted in the Beloved! You realize you are the beloved of the Lord! You experience His passion for you & for everyone else! You are transformed, conformed, & confirmed into sonship in the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit!
Fear of rejection by God carries over in our union with people: if we believe God can reject us by our performance (or lack of performance to His standards), we expect that same tendency from people. Fear of rejection has a degree of condemnation & torment build into it!

As we experience Daddy’s great love for us, our emotional & mental makeup is transformed by the Spirit of Grace & Truth! We are changed from glory to glory, faith to faith, image to image, by the Spirit of Love! The wounds of bad experiences in life are washed away, & the healing balm of divine love brings healing, deliverance, restoration & transformation to us & then through us!
When you’ve been delivered from fear of losing God’s love, then you have nothing nor anyone else to fear, whether man or devil!

As you come to know in truth Daddy’s perfect love for you, fear is crushed, your life is healed, your hope is renewed, your vision is restored, your zeal is invigorated, & you become a bold & joyful bearer & sharer of that love that goes beyond description!

Unconditional love is a magnetic force that draws people to God, & to His people that flow in it! And because not everyone has yet experienced the fullness & freeness of His love, we that have are valuable to both the Father & to people in the world! For as we flow from His presence filled with an overflowing anointing of His love, we spill it into the midst of people we interact with on a daily basis! 

So, friends & brethren, keep going to the well of divine love, that is, the presence of the Lord, & draw deep & long from that well, & come forth & pour it joyfully & endlessly upon dry & thirsty people! The love of God is a well-spring of life, & His rivers of living water flow endlessly in us, & can do so through us!

You are filled to be spilled in behalf of the Lord into people’s lives!