In Luke 15:11-32 we read one of the best love stories of the New Testament. I believe Jesus told the story to reveal Father God’s unconditional love for us.

As in this story, sometimes we leave Father God waiting for us as we go and do what we want to do. But missing Him and His unconditional love for us, we return and confess our sin of rejecting Him and His way for us and He immediately comes with the robe of righteousness for us to put on. It is a beautiful garment and Father likes to see us wear this robe of righteousness all the time, never taking it off. Next he places the family ring on our finger, reinstating us to the position of authority we acquired as His very own children. Placing shoes on our feet, we are then able to go out to those who don’t know the unconditional love of Father God and tell them the Good News, with testimony of Father’s unconditional love and grace. We let them know they don’t have to work to get Father God’s approval and His unconditional love is theirs forever. As in this love story, Father God has prepared for us a tremendous supply from our new covenant provision and we can just eat from His goodness and grace and enjoy ourselves in His fulness, in an atmosphere filled with unconditional love, grace and much joy. The rest of our lives we can rejoice together, Father and us, because the power of death, spiritual separation from Father, has been broken off our lives by Jesus’ redemptive work and now we live in the royal family of our Heavenly Father.

Father will continually remind us that His unconditional love and provision is not ever earned but all of it is a gift purchased by the precious blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. We will be able to experience our whole salvation package, which includes, our healing, our provision, forgiveness of all sins, His favor, His righteousness, and much more and this is all a gift!  This is the Good News, The Gospel, we will share with others, revealing to them Father God and His unconditional love for them.

My favorite confession of Father God’s unconditional love is: I feast with Father God in His house every day and everyone can see Father’s lavish, unconditional, never ending love for me. I wear the robe of righteousness Jesus, my elder brother, bought and paid for with his blood and placed on me. Father tells me to never take it off. I also wear the family ring representing my authority as a child of Father God. And daily I wear the shoes made to fit me so I can go out and expand Father’s kingdom, preaching the Good News of the Kingdom wherever I go. Father has already prepared for me a meal, supplied by this new covenant Jesus paid for, and I just eat of His goodness and grace till I am full, in an atmosphere of love, joy and grace. Father and I continually rejoice together because the power of sin and spiritual death, which had separated me from Him, is broken off my life and I can now live in the royal family of my Heavenly Father! I am loved by my Father God. Happy Father’s Day, Father God.

I recently placed love scriptures and confessions on my website, www.godswordalive.com to help you understand God’s love and committed faithfulness to you and some articles, “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not“, “The Father of Unconditional Love“, “Father God’s Love“, & “What Is Unconditional Love“?  Also I recently published a book I have available on my site, “Father God Loves Me Forever!” to bring further revelation of His never ending love as clearly portrayed in Luke 15:11-32.