As the moon comes up faithfully every night, I am always reminded of Father God’s faithfulness to me and my family

The moon reflects back to me a faithful Father God who cares about me even though there is a big world around me and a hugh universe I can’t even imagine its immensity.

I say, “Father, that moon reminds me of You. That moon will always come up without fail in the night sky. You made it spiritual law. When I see the moon I am reminded, Father, I can depend on You and the promises You have made to me. You have been faithful to me and my family and You will always be faithful to us. Thank you for Your faithfulness I can always depend on.”

I may not be able to depend on people or things in this world, but this I know, Father God was faithful to me as a child, Father God was faithful to me as a teen, Father God was faithful to me as a young adult, and Father God is still faithful to me as an older adult.

Faithfulness of Father God is what the moon reflects back to me.  And no matter what has happened in my life, good or bad, when I see the moon in the sky; I know that Father God is watching over me and every thing is going to be alright.

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