In this time, we now take the glorious light of the Gospel of Christ into every nation and take our place in our designated spheres of influence where God places us, having dominion over it and leading those trapped in a world of darkness. God is positioning us within the system with His guidance and anointed power and we are the greatest influence in it. Just as did Joseph and Daniel planted among the astrologers, sorcerers and soothsayers; we now rise up to change the whole system from the inside.

With the invasion of the Kingdom and Heaven’s justice system, it will stop the demonic abuse of the justice system of the world that resulted in ungodly laws going unchallenged and affected the thinking and behavior of the masses to think wrong is right and created moral decline. The culture can now be shifted to Kingdom culture.

The vengeance of the Lord will not be one of hate and retaliation but of the necessity of punishing offenders which proceeds from a love of justice and is the judgment of God upon the devil and those he uses and anything and everything standing in the way of establishing God’s Kingdom and government.  Those hindering and stopping the spreading of the Gospel and interfering with Kingdom citizens are subject to God’s vengeance.  This is right in line with what God promised Abraham and his descendants which includes those in Christ Jesus.  Genesis 12:3 (KJV) And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

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