Many people in the church do not believe God wants us to profit but this scripture plainly tells us God wants us to profit and it clearly tells us He will teach us how to profit and I am sure all of you would want Him to teach you to financially profit.

The church is called non-profit by the world but the Kingdom does not call the church nonprofit because that goes against all the laws and principles of sowing and reaping and giving the tithe which clearly promise increase more and more. We also see increase in lots of people lives in the Old Testament and they were even wealthy. Jesus taught the Kingdom of increase and demonstrated it with the five loaves of bread and the two fish and fed a multitude and had twelve baskets left over, and Peter’s net breaking, boat sinking load of fish for his business and Jesus had a treasurer to take care of His money and so we know Jesus increased and especially since we know Jesus taught the Word and acted on the Word. All in God’s Kingdom increase so Jesus taught increase when He taught the Kingdom. So this Kingdom of God is profit, increase more and more. Whatever He does, He wants increase out of it.  As a matter of fact, scientists tell us that the universe is still increasing right now at the speed of light. God is a God of increase and I want to clearly show you this by more scriptures.

Psalm 115:14 (KJV) The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children.

God desires to increase you and your children more and more.  Profit. Increase.  Every good father wants his children to increase and so God wants to increase us and our children more and more. This increase more and more and profit is the kind of government of the Kingdom of God and is so opposite to the kind of government called Socialism where the people don’t increase. Anything the people get in Socialism goes to the government and then the government comes back with welfare for each person and makes sure nobody gets ahead of anybody else. This is not scriptural.

Jesus taught the Kingdom of God and how it operates and He clearly teaches us increase, profit in Matthew 25, with the parable of the three servants.  The master gave five talents to one, another two, another one and the five and the two doubled theirs.  He tells them, “Well done,” because they increased, they got a profit. The one who didn’t profit got fired. He tried to appeal to the boss, “Well I knew you were a hard man.” One of the biggest reasons he didn’t increase was because he had a wrong understanding of who God is and what God is like.  God wants profit. He wants increase, increase in your faith, going from faith to faith.  He wants increase in terms of your own ability to read and get revelation, and dispense and minister God’s Word.  He wants increase in the church, bringing more people into the Kingdom of God. So, He’s a God of increase.

Somehow when it comes to our own finances we don’t think God wants us to increase and we end up with the same finances day by day and waiting on a raise of two percent. That is not increase!  The price of bread can go up two percent and so the raise is never enough. So, it’s amazing how the distortion of that understanding of God has kept God’s people without increase and God is a God of increase.  He is expecting increase in our lives.

David’s life, fighting those battles, He took one city and took another. Joshua’s life, took one city, took another city. Each time was increase. David even asked what he would get for killing Goliath because he was looking for profit. Genesis 30:31, Jacob worked for Laban for twenty years and he was tired of coming out year after year with the same amount.  He couldn’t afford a decent vacation. I am saying, how many people in the church are like that today? We don’t have to tolerate that so that’s why I share God is a God of increase and He wants to make you increase and even teach you to profit.

To help you break non-profit in your thinking, I would suggest you meditate Isaiah 48:17, “I am the Lord that teacheth thee to profit.” So, God will teach you to profit, that it is the measure of the value of your effort and He will not only do that but He will show you how to do it. I think some people need to meditate Isaiah 48:17, because whatever He called you to do, He gives you seed to do it and this could be seed for some people in Isaiah 48:17.

Profit is not a strenuous thing.  It’s not something hard to do.  Profit is natural. A tree is going to bear fruit. You know what I mean? Profit is increase.

People with a Socialistic mindset or slave mindset or welfare mindset don’t believe in profit and they don’t understand profit. Capitalism on the other hand is profitable and lines up with God’s Word but we do have to apply the moral side to it, making sure that we are doing it according what is right before God. He puts you in business to make money and He puts it in the church to increase it, to get more members and so forth.

Psalm 115:14 (KJV) The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children.

 God wants us and our children to increase and He tells us He will increase us and our children. He wants even our children to know they can increase and God will increase them and they don’t have to come to their parents always asking for money.

God never intended for us to stay at one place in our finances but He intends for us to increase more and more.

Check the billionaires and where they were in their wealth five years ago and where they are now and watch how much they have increased and are increasing but many times the people who are in the middle class and the lower class are decreasing.

God intended for the church to be the wealthiest institution in the world. I pray today you will take these two scriptures and meditate them until you can see yourself increasing and God is increasing you more and more both you and your children.  That’s the will of God for you.

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