God will make somebody give it up to you. Nobody can say no to your God.

I saying to you, I don’t want you to depend on the world.  I don’t want you to depend on that job.  You were not designed to work for money.  Money was designed to work for you.  See 1 Peter 4:19 tells us and we must remember this, “My God shall supply all your need.”  You got hard times, that’s when you need the covenant; but that covenant does not go into operation by praying, it does not go into operation by crying and begging, it does not go into operation by feeling bad or just by confession.  It goes into operation because of practice. You got to sow.  Now understand if it was easy everybody would be doing it.  The reason why it is not easy is because it doesn’t make sense.  “You mean I can give and have more?”  Well go into the Bible and see sowing and reaping working all in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

We read earlier in John 6 this little boy had one seed, a lunch box and he let it go.  It’s called radical sowing.  Radical is something that brings extreme change. The little body sowed his seed of all his lunch to Jesus.  That’s all he had but look how many he fed; twenty thousand.  Jesus then had the disciples to take up all that was left which was twelve baskets full.  This little boy through the sowing of his seed, his lunch, brought home groceries.

If times are tough and you get laid off or you hear bad news on TV, don’t pay any attention to that but pay attention to your covenant; because God is responsible for you and not this world or its system and He will for sure take care of you as His part of the covenant. Praise God I know that by experience as over and over again my husband and I continued to sow and God remained faithful throughout the good times and the challenging times to meet our needs. Nobody can get credit for it but God.  We just remained faithful to sow as the Lord told us.  He will take care of you I know for sure.

In the hard and challenging times don’t shrink back. Remember, just stay in faith.  Don’t shrink back from your tithes and offerings and if God tells you to do more, then do more.

I am not telling you what God is saying but I am just saying make sure that you stay in faith because this world system and the media at this time and so forth is designed to take over your mind.  So, stay in faith in the covenant provision promised and continue to sow what the Lord tells you to sow and watch God provide.

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