This person walks not in the counsel of the ungodly.  Satan has set up a system and is controlling people through that ungodly system and their advice comes through their ungodly teachings.  Now once you get into the Kingdom and become a believer, now the Covenant and the Word of God becomes your foundation for anything you might do here in this earth.

One of the things we all need in this earth is provision.  We need our needs met from a material standpoint.  So, Psalm 1:1-3 tells us the Kingdom way to prosper is to not receive the counsel of the ungodly of this Babylon system but delight ourselves in the law of the LORD and that law is the law of seedtime and harvest.  It’s a Covenant of God that He made with Abraham back in Genesis 8:22, that as long as the earth remains there will be seedtime and harvest.  So, God has made a way for us to get our needs met independent of what is going on in that world system.

One person who had to find this out for himself was Jacob.  Jacob had been blessed with The Blessing of the Lord on him; but when he got to the house of Laban and saw his daughter, he wanted to marry her, and Laban had Jacob work for him for seven years for her but Laban tricked Jacob and gave him his other daughter and Jacob had to work another seven years for the daughter he wanted.  Jacob wised up to Laban’s deception and wants to leave. Laban ask Jacob what he wanted him to pay him.  Laban is still trying to trick Jacob.  Jacob told him he did not want him to pay him anything, but he would pick out all the livestock that were spotted, speckled and striped and that would be his wages and Laban would have the rest.  Laban thought he had Jacob; but what Jacob did was he came off the world’s system to the system of sowing and reaping and that system made him so rich that he took all that Laban had and Laban’s son said,

Genesis 31:1 (KJV) …Jacob hath taken away all that was our father’s; and of that which was our father’s hath he gotten all this glory.

Glory is “material wealth”.  So, Jacob got this material wealth by not participating any more in the system of the world but now in the system of God of the law of liberty, the law of sowing and reaping.

A lot of times what we see in the political realm especially is that they make the poor mad at the rich, like the rich is your problem.  The truth is the poor don’t know the Covenant and the laws of the Lord and as a result of that Laban has got them working.

The key is, instead of focusing in on trying to get more of the rich to pay taxes, what needs to happen is the poor need to get the Word of God and get their minds renewed so they can prosper. The poor need skill training but first we have to prosper their soul with the Word of the Lord, the Covenant of seedtime and harvest and they will prosper.

So, this whole idea of meditation is to see life differently then you have seen it because everyone of us comes into the Kingdom with ungodly thought patterns from Babylon.

When you switch over to the Kingdom, faith and the Covenant of seedtime and harvest will be working for you to increase you more and more.

In Genesis 26, when there was a famine in the land God told Isaac not to go down to Egypt and do it Babylon’s way but stay in this land and I will be with you.  So, Isaac sowed and reaped in that land of famine a hundredfold.

That particular Covenant is available to you.  I am still using it, sowing and reaping in my life.  I ask the Lord what to sow and especially every time I get increase.  I even sow when I need something.  Seedtime and harvest have worked for me and it will work for you because it is God’s Covenant with you as well. Let me tell you, the flesh never gets used to sowing and reaping, but you continue to sow then you continue to reap because you know harvest belongs to you.

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