We repent for grieving You Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, we thank You for scriptures that show us what grieves your heart. So, first we repent for being unthankful.

This scripture says that we are to thank God in everything no matter what the circumstances may be, that we should always be thankful and give thanks, so we do not quench, subdue or suppress the Holy Spirit.  This is the will of God for our lives.

So right now, no matter the situations or circumstances that we are presently fighting or even those things from the past, we give you thanks.  We thank You for Your presence.  We thank You for everything Your Son Jesus Christ has done in giving His life for us. We thank You for the power of the Resurrection that resides in us right now.  We thank you for every single blessing we have ever received in our life and we know that as we give thanks, we will not grieve the Spirit, but we will move the Spirit to activate in our lives and to clear out those situations that are causing us trials and pain.  So, we thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your presence and we thank You God for everything that You have ever done for us and all the blessings You have bestowed upon us.  In Jesus Name.

Holy Spirit, we also repent for the times we quenched You by suppressing or subduing the flow of your movement, for not following Your leading Holy Spirit.  We ask that You help us to become ultrasensitive to Your presence, to your guidance, to those unctions of when You are showing us a truth, leading us into a new path, and changing our direction so that we can align ourselves with You.  Holy Spirit make us ever aware of Your voice and ever sensitive to Your presence.  We want to follow You Holy Spirit.  Lead us and guide us.  Help us to be always tuned in to what You are doing and where You want to take us. In Jesus Name.  Amen.

Also, Holy Spirit we repent for spurning and not pursuing the gifts that You give us, along with despising prophetic instruction, exhortations and warnings.  Holy Spirit help us to be quick to heed and obey the prophetic word, to be quick to pursue and develop our gifts.  Help us to never despise warnings or exhortations that You give to us.  We decree we will receive them like living water, that we will not spurn the prophetic Word or the gifts.  We will grow in the gifts and we will follow and heed the instructions of all the warnings and prophetic guidance that You ever give us.  In the Name of Jesus.  Amen.

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