The Holy Spirit is here to help you, aid you and assist you so let’s learn what is His daily ministry is to you.

The Holy Spirit is your Comforter.  That word means “a Person that comforts”.  So, Holy Spirit, I decree every time they are in pain from a loss, going through a trauma, suffering in a difficult circumstance, dealing with a separation, or having a stressful time in their life or even under a storm; that You will come and bring the comfort You have promised them.  Cause them to reside in that place of protection and peace that You the Comforter bring.

Holy Spirit is your Counselor. He gives you counsel and advises you. Holy Spirit, I decree that You will always be there to advise them, to counsel them, to give them instruction and guidance for every issue they are facing and any time they need it; so that they can successfully navigate through any and every trial.

Holy Spirit is your Advocate, which means “one who speaks, pleads and argues in favor for, one that argues a cause, a defender of civil rights, a person who pleads his client’s case in a court of law. Holy Spirit, I decree that when the enemy brings a charge against them in the court of law in the Courts of Heaven, that You will defend them, that You will argue their case, Holy Spirit, that You will make their rights to be heard in the Court according to what Christ has done for them and that You will win their case for them.  Then, Holy Spirit, we ask that You file charges against the enemy on their behalf.  Make him recompense them seven times for all their loses.  Holy Spirit, we decree You are their Advocate and You are pleading their case in the Court of Law against every charge the enemy has brought against them.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

Holy Spirit is also your Intercessor.  That’s “someone who intervenes in prayers and intercession and acts in behalf of someone in times of difficulty and trouble”.  So, I know and believe and decree that whenever they are in trouble or they are facing any kind of difficulty, You will intercede, You will bring breakthrough, You will cause victory and triumph and You will make them walk in total success as You intercede for them in every instance that they need You.  I decree that You are their Intercessor in every time of trouble. In the Name of Jesus. 

Holy Spirit is your Helper, which means “a Supporter, a Backer, an Aide and an Assistant”.  Holy Spirit, because the Word says You are their Helper; I know that You will assist and support and back them in every way and in every situation that they need help.  Come and help them complete every assignment they receive from the Lord, every directive that they get from Him and every command. You will help them, You will support them and You will back them in everything that they have been commissioned to do by the Lord to bring His Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

Holy Spirit is your Strengthener, which means “to make strong and to give strength to”.  I decree Holy Spirit, You are using dunamis to strengthen them in soul and in body to give them strength in every way.  They will run and not grow weary.  They will walk and not grow faint or give up. 

Holy Spirit is your Standby, which means one that can always be relied on as in an emergency.  I believe right now You are on standby twenty-four and seven, waiting to jump in to save them in every single emergency.  So, I decree right now that you are standing by.  Right in the time of trouble, You will jump in and save them, Holy Spirit, as their Standby.  I know they can count on You to intervene and to help them in every single trial, every single issue that they face.  They will receive Your help in those times of emergencies.  Be their Standby, Holy Spirit.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

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