Ephesians 1:3 tells you the Holy Spirit is your Guarantee.

The word guarantee means “a down payment in earnest, a promise or assurance that you have been given by the Holy Spirit as a down payment for the fulness of what God plans to do in your life.  He will complete the work of His Son and the Holy Spirit is there to guarantee it will happen.

You have an inheritance, a guaranteed inheritance that Jesus won for you.  Holy Spirit will make it manifest.  He is the pledge of greater things to come in your eternal life promise that you have with Jesus.

I release your guarantee, your heritage and your inheritance to you right now In the Name of Jesus. 

Holy Spirit causes blessings to manifest in your life.

Because of Christ, the heavenly realm is full of blessings and the Holy Spirit is the One who causes them to manifest in your life.

So, Holy Spirit, release on this child of God divine health, joy, prosperity, increase more and more, insight, wisdom, revelation, land, homes, storehouses filled with provisions, power over their enemies, influence in their job or business or ministry, family, friends, and release hope and joy.  I decree all these things and more, more than they could ever imagine.

Everything that you need has been given to you through Christ and it is the Holy Spirit that makes every blessing in the heavenly realms manifest in your life.  With you, I believe it is done right now. We both receive the truth of this word that He has blessed you in Christ with every spiritual blessing that you could ever even imagine, and it’s all given by the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, I release you with dunamis power on this child of God.  Give them everything that dunamis means, power and influence for riches and wealth, power to perform miracles of every kind and to be excellent of soul so that they can prosper and be in health even as their soul prospers.

Holy Spirit, cause showers of blessings to manifest of every kind and in their fullness in every area of their life now in Jesus Name.  Amen.

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