We have to realize soul prosperity has to be first before we can experience true and lasting financial prosperity.

Dunamis also means “power and influence that belongs to riches and wealth”.

According to 3 John 2, when our soul prospers, we will also prosper in our finances. So, right now I release Holy Spirit to search every motive in you that is wrongly directed and connected to money, heal you by the power of dunamis, cause you to be excellent of soul so that you can have power and influence that belongs to riches and wealth.  Holy Spirit, remove any poverty thinking that they are holding onto right now and heal them of any entitlement that they may have in their soul in the Name of Jesus.

I release You Holy Spirit to search out and explore and uncover any wrong thinking that they have that is connected to finances.  Heal them of their bad choices. Right now, I release you Holy Spirit with dunamis power to heal them right now of any time they have stolen, extorted, and gambled in their life in Jesus Name.  Heal them of every wound right now that is affecting their finances, so that they can prosper and be in health even as their soul prospers. 

Bring them the divine counsels of God, Holy Spirit.  Give them the insight on creating a financial plan, how to position themselves for investments and increases, Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus. Holy Spirit, release into their lives power and influence for riches and wealth, release it into their investments, their saving accounts, their stocks, their business ideas, their witty inventions, release influence and power and wealth into their ministries and churches, into their real estate projects, their retirement funds and any money-making strategies that You give Holy Spirit.  Right now, I ask that you would invade every part of their lives that is connected to their finances, Holy Spirit, every part of their businesses bring them influence, bring them power and bring riches and wealth according to the dunamis power that You brought with You when they received the infilling of You Holy Spirit.

I decree You Holy Spirit are breaking debt off of their life; fixing credit card issues, that you will enable them to pay off their homes, their cars, pay off all debt so that they will have no debt whatsoever.

Holy Spirit release the dunamis power. Put it to work right now so they can receive super abundantly above and beyond anything they could ever ask or think of in their finances.  In the Name of Jesus.  Amen.

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