Dunamis also means “the power to perform miracles”.

The Holy Spirit dwells in you and just like the Spirit of the Lord quickened Christ from the dead, He shall also quicken your mortal bodies.

Holy Spirit brought dunamis power with Him.  Dunamis also means “the power to perform miracles”.

Right now, I decree and command a quickening by the Spirit of the Lord that dwells in you on every part of your physical system.  Holy Spirit, search out and quicken and heal every organ and every system in our body right now in the Name of Jesus.  I command our digestive systems of the intestines, our colons, our liver, our gallbladder and our pancreas right now, be healed in the Name of Jesus now.  I release Holy Spirit and the power of dunamis to perform a miracle and to quicken every part of the digestive system, remove parasites, kill cancer cells, remove pulps, right now bring bounce to every part of our system in Jesus Name.  Heal our teeth by the power of the Holy Spirit, remove rot from the teeth, take out abscesses from the jaw, remove all pain, heal us of TMJ and any other things in our jaws by the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

I decree we are being quickened in our respiratory system; our lungs are being healed, diaphragm is being healed, the nasal cavity is being cleared out, all allergies are being taken out, the kidneys and the bladder are being healed, no infections, no viruses, no bacteria can reside in them because of the power, dunamis power of the Holy Spirit cleansing, quickening and healing those organs in the Name of Jesus.

I declare healing over every reproductive organ in our bodies; ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, no cancer, no disease.  Holy Spirit examine and explore every one of those organs, destroy cancers, destroy disease, quicken the reproductive systems of men and women right now in the Name of Jesus.  Heal prostates.  Kill cancer in every prostate gland right now.

By the power of dunamis and the action of the Holy Spirit a miracle is coming. Dunamis means “the power to perform miracles.  I release miracle working, Holy Spirit power over the pituitary glands, the penal glands, the thyroid glands and the adrenal glands.  No more burn out.  No more adrenal fatigue.  Right now, thyroids total balanced, metabolisms total balanced right now by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit and dunamis. 

In Jesus Name, menopause being totally healed, hot flashes being removed right now in the Name of Jesus.  Pancreas, circulatory systems, cardio vascular systems right now totally healed, aligned, quickened by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Right now, hearts strengthened, plaque removed, blockages removed right now, dissolved, dissolving blockages right now by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Dunamis performing a miracle, killing all disease in the heart, in the veins, in the capillaries.

 Lymphatic systems right now totally healed.  All lymph nodes cleansed.  Lymphatic system pulling disease out of the body, removing it from every tissue wherever disease or virus or bacteria is being stored in the body.  Holy Spirit go, search it out, examine it, explore it, find those hidden things and put dunamis power on them, cause a miracle to happen and remove every toxin, every bacteria right now. 

All the bones, the bone marrows right now, muscles and tendons, the whole skeletal system right now filled with Holy Spirit and healed by dunamis power.  Bone marrow perfected, bones strengthened, muscles and tendons without pain, skeletal system completely aligned right now in the Name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit and dunamis. 

I command your nervous system, neurons in your body, in your brain right now to be healed, spinal cord to be completely aligned, perfect, all discs to be healed, no bulging, no pain, no misalignment because of Holy Spirit and dunamis power. 

Dunamis healing your immune system, making you immune to every disease.  You are being quickened, your mortal body being quickened by the Spirit of the Lord and dunamis power that dwells in you.

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