Holy Spirit and dunamis cause super abundant things to happen in your life.

According to this scripture, when you put the Holy Spirit and dunamis power to work in you, you receive the superabundant blessings of God.  So, I do that now.  My decrees are putting dunamis to work right now in you, healing you, performing miracles, causing you to be excellent of soul; so now God will do super abundantly far over and above all that you have ever asked, that you ever thought, that you have ever dreamed, beyond your highest prayers, even your desires and your thoughts and your hopes, even your dreams because Holy Spirit is working the dunamis that is in you through my decrees right now.  Every part of you is healed by dunamis power; mind, will, emotions filled with the Holy Spirit and dunamis power.  You are full of His presence right now; healed and excellent in your mind, excellent in your will, and your emotions are excellent.  Right now, you are being healed in every part of your inner man and then God is going to do a blessing breakthrough, super abundantly above what you could ever dream, what you could ever pray, what you could ever think or imagine, beyond your hopes and your desires.  Right now, in the Name of Jesus I decree this scripture Ephesians 3:20 manifesting in your life now in Jesus Name.  Amen.

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