Holy Spirit controls and directs us to live a holy life because of the dunamis power He brings with Him.

Help Me Holy Spirit by Your Dunamis Power

I decree over you right now, Holy Spirit and the power He brings with Him is putting to death, making extinct, deadening every evil deed that’s prompted by your body so that you can live. Holy Spirit is releasing dunamis power and you are becoming excellent of soul right now in Jesus Name. You will no longer live according to the dictates of your flesh.  It will die. It will be made extinct. The habits that you have that are putting you in sin, that are controlling your behavior are being deadened right now by Holy Spirit and dunamis power.  I release Holy Spirit into your mind, your will and your emotions to kill off everything that is not of God. Every behavior that is destructive to your life right now is being filled by Holy Spirit right now and you are becoming excellent of soul in Jesus Name.

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