Dunamis means “excellence of soul”.

Paul tells you that you can be strengthened and reinforced with dunamis power in your soul by the action of the Holy Spirit.  This needs to be a daily operation of the Holy Spirit in your life. This is what Holy Spirit loves to do for you because it’s part of His ministry to you.  Daily ask Holy Spirit for this strengthening and reinforcing of His mighty power in your inner man daily.

I decree, you are excellent in your mind and so you think right thoughts, your emotions are excellent, you feel healthy God given emotions, and your will is healed, strengthened and reinforced by dunamis power so you make good God led decisions.

You need Holy Spirit’s help.  So, let’s ask Holy Spirit to help you.  Holy Spirit, we need your help.  Holy Spirit release your dunamis power today to heal this person of any negative personality traits that they have.  Holy Spirit heal them of any arrogance and change their boastful behavior by your dunamis power. Holy Spirit heal them right now by your dunamis power where they are callous or careless towards others.  Strengthen them Holy Spirit in the areas of being cynical, domineering, fussy, and grumpy. Holy Spirit go to the root of why they behave like that and reinforce them with your mighty, dunamis power. Holy Spirit, in areas of being harsh,impatient or impolite or inconsiderate, cleanse them right now and heal them by your dunamis power in flowing into their personality and healing them of those negative character traits. Holy Spirit change them in the areas of inconsistency,irresponsibility, jealousy, and laziness with your infilling dunamis, healing them,blessing them, in filling them with dunamis power so they are becoming what dunamis means, excellent of soul in those areas.  Holy Spirit release on them right now your dunamis power in the areas of their personality of meanness, moodiness, being narrow-minded, critical towards others, over emotional, pessimistic and negative in their outlook, strengthening them and reinforce them by mighty dunamis power in their inner man by your action Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name.Holy Spirit by your dunamis power released in them, deliver them from personality traits of being quarrelsome, quick tempered, resentful, rude, sarcastic that hurts other people.  Holy Spirit fill them now in their personality and strengthen and reinforce in those areas with your dunamis power where they have those negative character traits in the Name of Jesus.  Holy Spirit go right to the root of why they act selfishly and are self-centered, stingy and touchy,thoughtless, unkind and unreliable and examine, explore every reason why they act this way and heal them. Holy Spirit release dunamis into every bit of their personality so that they can be strengthened and reinforced with mighty,dunamis power in the Name of Jesus.  

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