I was hesitant to share this personal testimony on my website but one person I mentor told me that my testimony has so blessed her and she believes it would bless others and I needed to share my testimony on my website.

Let me start by saying that what I share with you of how to live by faith and increase more and more financially and receiving divine health from Heaven and other things, it has come by using the same faith I teach you at God’s Words Alive.

I want to start this testimony way back some years ago in order to let you see just how we started using our faith and how we continue to use our faith. When my husband and I got married we both had jobs that paid pretty good but when our son was born in 1977 I quit my job because we decided when we had children I would stay home. That meant from 1977 we would only have one wage income from then on.

When we got engaged we decided we wanted to get a house and so we did and Wayne moved into it in October 1974 a week before we were married. We got the typical 30 year loan but we started using our faith to pay it off as soon as possible. We did pay a considerable down payment. Then when our son arrived in June 1977 of course I quit my job. One day the Lord spoke to me and asked me when I wanted to have the house paid off. That was in June 1977. I told Him I wanted to pay the house off at the end of the year. Well, by the end of the year and not before or after we paid off the house. That meant in 3 years and 2 months we paid off a 30 year mortgage. Let me say we continued to give our tithe and give offerings every time we got some income.

We started almost as soon as we got married in 1974 to believe God for our healthcare and not seek doctors and not use medicine and we still use our faith for that today. We have not had a doctor, hospital stay or medication in over 40 years. God’s healthcare was a real blessing but also we have saved a lot of money and heartache not going to this world system and paying them money for our healthcare.

Some other blessings God’s increase added to us was when our son started to school we were able to enroll him in our church school and he received all of his education in our church school so that was added expense as well. Many people don’t think they can do such even with two incomes but when you don’t have a fixed income mentality then God can provide for added expenses. We never failed to make payment to the school and even paid a few months in advance many times. God was faithful.

Even though we had one wage income the Lord increased us more and more and we were able to buy some timeshare in Florida which was a path the Lord used to bring another dream we had later to come to pass.  I’ll share that at the end. We did go in debt for that but we paid this off as soon as we could, making multiple payments which again proved the Lord increased more and more.

There were many times while Wayne was working for the railroad that his job was threatened to be moved somewhere else or eliminated entirely but we stood on God’s Word that he would remain at that job and in our location and faith worked and he remained employed at the railroad until he was given a buyout for his job and he retired. God has been faithful to His Word to take care of us way beyond what a job was paying Wayne for working.  We will never be on a fixed income.

We have always had new automobiles. The first car we bought after we got married was bought by debt but we paid the debt off as quickly as we could. Our parents had instilled in us to never stay in debt which I am thankful for but also then we got to listening to our spiritual mentors talking about getting out of debt and never using debt and so we started using our faith to purchase things without debt. I remember we had bought our last minivan with debt and paid it off quickly with just one income but then later we started believing for a new van without debt. We drove the old minivan for many, many, years and for many, many, many miles. I think the people we went to church with wondered why we didn’t get a new car because we taught prosperity in the church and they were all replacing their cars with debt but we stayed true to our faith of owing no man anything but to love him. I remember saying to my husband several times as we drove that older model van, “This is the last time we are driving this car to church, to the grocery store and other places.” You have to speak faith before you see what you desire. Faith does place you in a place of ridicule and at times you have the opportunity to be embarrassed if you let what others think and say about you bother you but we continued on with our faith anyway. Then came the day when we received an inheritance from Wayne’s parents and we were able to buy the new minivan we wanted with cash. Oh my, that was an awesome day.

So we continued to believe God to buy things without going into debt and I can still remember a remarkable time when the Lord provided for some needed repairs to our home I believe supernaturally. We had a hailstorm and we had a small amount of damage to our roof. We checked with our house insurance company to see if they would cover any damage. When it was all said and done they paid us much more than was needed for the roof damage and with the amount of money they gave us we were able to put a new roof on the house, new soffit, new rain gutters, new siding, new shutters, new windows, and a new sliding glass door. So you can’t tell us that God doesn’t provide every need and that sowing financial seed does not produce a harvest.

I remember one time I spent most of the summer sitting on my back porch and speaking prosperity scriptures over us. Then in the fall when we were to send in our property tax my husband sent in the first payment before we went on vacation and then he sent in the last payment after we returned. One day my husband got a letter in the mail from the county and with it was the last check Wayne had sent in for the last payment. The letter said that the last payment had already been paid. My husband called the county and they started investigating and they found out there was a bank we did not use had paid our last payment for us. Now that’s proof that God can pay bills supernaturally if we just believe. Remember the Bible tells us the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just and one translation tells us that it finds its way into our hands the righteous for whom it is laid up. So I hope this encourages you to continue to speak the Word of prosperity.

I also want to add this important aspect of our faith testimony when it comes to financial increase and that is using the law of seed time and harvest. We have continually tithed and we have continually given sacrificial gifts. We have paid off people’s loans more than once, given a car away, paid utility bills for a single mom, given to a couple to pay medical bills, helped a ministry obtain an airplane, and given much more and so we are a testimony that the law of sowing and reaping works because we also increased more and more. It is not a gimmick for TV ministers to get your money but sowing and reaping is a spiritual law that if you put it into practice, not just to try to see if it works but you commit to sowing and reaping then you will see increase more and more.

Now I want to conclude this testimony of the dream coming true I mentioned before, in the year 2015.  For many years we believed God for a home in Celebration, Florida. On Dec. 6, 2015 we were financially blessed from a surprised inheritance so that we were able to start the building of a new, debt free home in Celebration, Florida. We know the Lord had set it all up with even the right builders, David Weekly Builders, and our personal builder Juan who was so moved by our testimony of believing God for this debt free house. We were able to place scripture in the footer and the foundation of the house and David Weekly’s chaplain had a blessing observance and spoke a blessing and scriptures over our house. We moved into this house in Celebration, Florida on June 29, 2015. The whole house was paid for without debt. We were also able to keep our house in West Virginia and so when we moved into the new house we furnished this house with all new furniture and draperies and decor debt free! I often wake up in the morning and declare, “This house and everything in it was gotten by faith.” Truly we could not have afforded this over 2,000 sq. ft. house in Celebration, Florida without faith providing it.

I pray my personal testimony has encouraged you and empowered you to use your faith in God’s Word that produces material things for faith is the substance of the things we hope for, it is the evidence of things not seen. Faith substance, faith evidence alone produced this debt free house you see in the picture and all the rest of our testimony.
I hope you never again say, all I need is more money, no, but say instead, all I need is to use my faith.