• Money nor the spirit of mammon will any longer talk to you because you don’t allow money or mammon to talk to you shortage, not enough, unpaid bills, just low life stuff but you allow only the Word and the Spirit speak to you there is no shortage, there is more than enough, the bills are paid in full because that’s the truth in the Kingdom of God for God made available to you all that you would ever need before the foundation of the world and He has laid it all up for you in the Kingdom and you access it by faith.
• You no longer work for money, for your provision for you always will come up short and run out of time and get under the pressure of this world but you seek first the Kingdom, your assignment in the Kingdom and the Kingdom ways of prospering and all things are added to you.
• Money is not your source and supply but God and His Kingdom are your Source and Supply while on this earth and you access all of that by faith for faith is the currency of the Kingdom for you.
• Never again when you come up short will you say, “All I need is more money,” but you will say instead, “All I need to do is use my faith for faith is the currency of the Kingdom of Heaven which is my Kingdom and not the kingdom of darkness of this world.”
• Your Resource is not of this earth, this realm, this reality but your Resource for everything is of the Kingdom of Heaven which is a higher realm, a higher reality, a higher truth.

• Fear is a spirit and not just a feeling so you don’t allow that spirit to speak to you but you allow only the Word and the Spirit to speak to you only what is of Heaven.
• You speak to that spirit of fear and tell him you have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind and the Kingdom of God where you live is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.
• This world is full of fear and so you don’t allow any fear in your life for there is no fear in the Kingdom of God, no fear in Heaven where you live out of while on earth.
• You have perfect peace because your mind is stayed on God and His Kingdom because you trust in Him and His Kingdom only.
• Fear is for the very purpose of stealing your faith and trust in God and you are not going to allow fear of any kind steal your faith and trust in God and His Word and His Kingdom operation in your life that includes provision, favor, blessing, angelic and all of Heaven’s assistance and all Heaven has laid up for you that you would ever need.

• Faith in God is the only way you live because you know faith in God is the only way to please God and you know faith is the only way you can access what God already prepared and made ready for you before the foundation of the world.
• You no longer put your trust in yourself or any other person or any man made benefits or provision for you on this earth so that you have to beg, steal, borrow, work for, save, budget, etc. to get it all but you trust God, living out of your spirit man and no longer this low life of the flesh with its logic, reasoning, feelings and emotions that steal your faith and trust in God.

• You are a love being because you are born again of the Word and the Spirit and you have the very DNA of your Father God who is Love Himself.
• Love is your very nature, the very fruit of your new born again spirit and therefore you are patient and kind, never envious, never jealous, never boastful, never haughty, never conceited, never rude, never insist on your own right and your own way, never self-seeking, never touchy or fretful or resentful, never take into account any evil done to you, you rejoice when right and truth prevail, you bear up under anything that comes, you are ever ready to believe the best of everyone, your hopes are fadeless in all circumstances and you always endure everything because love never fails.
• The love of God is shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit.

Kingdom Culture:
• You do not love this world because you are not of this world but you are of the Kingdom of Heaven, you are from above and thus you no longer think, speak, or act like a natural carnal man of the flesh and like the world in general; but of the new man in Christ Jesus with your mind renewed to the Word of God, your speech aligned with the Word of God, and you act just like your Father God for that is your very nature.
• The Kingdom of God is your Kingdom, your government, your economy, your healthcare, your source of wisdom, your way of life where you are no longer dominated or controlled by this world but you dominate and use your Kingdom of God authority on this earth to change things to be as it is in Heaven and according to the perfect will of your Father God for your nation, your neighborhood and your household.
• Everywhere you go you take the Kingdom and the Kingdom culture and you are not ashamed of the Kingdom nor the Gospel of the Kingdom for you know it is the power of God unto salvation of every person you come in contact and the salvation of every nation’s economy, justice, peace, problem solving, mental and emotional and physical healthcare, protection, and hope.
• You are a carrier of the Kingdom and so you will let it out. You will be unashamed of the Kingdom of God and will share it everywhere you go for Jesus told you, Matthew 24:14 And this good news of the kingdom (the Gospel) will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then will come the end. KJV

You along with the whole body of Christ will now testify and preach and teach and manifest and demonstrate the Kingdom of God in the earth to people wherever you go and thus bring forth Kingdom culture everywhere and Kingdom reality everywhere and God will be glorified and the devils be horrified and then the end will come. In Jesus’ mighty Name! Amen and amen!