136 - KINGDOM CULTURE, OCT 2, 2015

A lot of God’s people are talking about the end and some can’t wait to go to Heaven but the truth is the end will not come until this scripture is fulfilled.

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. KJV

Today the Church is preaching the Gospel of salvation and getting saved but the Gospel is a whole lot more than getting saved and going to Heaven. Jesus taught the Kingdom of God’s operation in the earth and demonstrated it. Demonstration of the Kingdom drew the crowds to Jesus. There were supernatural miracles and signs and wonders of the Kingdom that healed and delivered the demoniac and fed the multitudes and even blessed Peter’s fishing business. Then Jesus gave the same commission to His disciples that we see in this scripture in Matthew 24:14 to preach the gospel of the Kingdom for a witness unto all nations. The gospel of the Kingdom is not a witness to all nations without the supernatural of signs and wonders and miracles of the Kingdom. People of the world are looking for the supernatural and that comes only by the Kingdom of God through the Church.

Today the Church needs to bring the Kingdom of God culture back into our society, our nations, our cities and towns and our personal lives and families. We have been subjected to the culture, beliefs, behavior, manner of living and thinking of this world and we have lost the Kingdom and its supernatural power with the signs, wonders, and miracles of the Kingdom. All carnal and natural never can and never will produce such. The cultures of this world programming have destroyed the Church’s ability to believe God and the supernatural. It has caused us to depend on ourselves and mere men and governments and insurance with its fine print and disclaimers and everything else this world has to offer. The Kingdom supernatural has left the Church and we have become just as powerless as the world and having the same problems and experiencing the same results and having the same attitudes. That’s why the world out there doesn’t need the Church and think God and the Bible are old fashion and fiction and of no value. But if the Church gets back to being the supernatural Church and seeks the Kingdom first as Jesus taught in Matthew 6 when He introduced the Kingdom and all through the Gospels then we will become, and I believe we will, become people of distinction and the world will see once again they need God and they need His Kingdom.

This world needs the Kingdom! Don’t you see it every day? The people are sick, they have mental and emotional issues, they are depressed, they are killing and stealing and destructive because they have become dependent on a money system that fails them time and again and they have no hope. They need a savior to save them from all of this but they will not find that outside the Kingdom of God.

Why do people want to come to the United States of America? They think they will come here and they will be free and they will have opportunities they don’t have in their own country and they will find peace and hope and education and jobs, etc. But the truth is what they are really looking for is the Kingdom of God where all of that and more are available to them.

We have gotten people saved and on their way to Heaven but we have not preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and demonstrated it like Jesus demonstrated it for us and then told us to do the same. Lots of Christians are just talking we are in the end times and they can’t wait for Jesus to return but the truth is Jesus can’t return until we preach the Gospel of the Kingdom for a witness to the nations. And to be honest most Christians don’t have a clue what the Kingdom of God is and that it is just the opposite of the kingdom of this world system. They are so attached to this kingdom of this world system and what it can do for them and they are just satisfied and they just live with stuff and don’t expect it to get any better. Is that the Kingdom Jesus taught and demonstrated? You know it is not.

The Church has to get back to the Kingdom and live in and out of the Kingdom and it is going to require a whole other mindset. The Kingdom has to be manifested and we have to see demonstrations of the Kingdom like never before. So let’s me share with you a small part of revelation of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is the Government of God. It is the rule of God. It is like any other government and it has a leader and His Name is King Jesus. This Government is not a democracy where the people have a choice but they are under the rulership of their Lord and King Jesus Christ and what He says is truth and the final word and you can’t argue with Him. The Kingdom of God is a whole other reality and realm and truth that is higher than the facts of this world. What Heaven says about you is the truth! That’s why we never talk or receive the facts but only receive the truth of the Word and the Spirit! Abraham the Bible says considered not his own body and the Apostle Paul said, “None of these things move me.” They accepted only the truth of Heaven with God’s Word and the Spirit!

The Kingdom of God has laws just like any government but Kingdom laws are right and truth and prevail over the laws of natural men and governments of this world and the curse in the earth. There are the laws of love, faith (Roman 3:27), prosperity with the laws of sowing, reaping, tithing and offerings, laws of healthcare with divine healing and divine health, laws that enforce justice with recompense and compensation, etc.

The Kingdom of God has its own economy that is not affected by any economy in any nation of the world at any time because this Kingdom empowers to prosper in any condition by The Blessing of the Lord. When we use the Kingdom economics we will see things multiplied and not added and the Kingdom never subtracts or decreases. The Kingdom doesn’t use the percentages of mere men but it has the hundredfold and the thousand fold and with Blessing without measure! Kingdom business operation far surpass what the world could ever have come up with through their pea brains. Jesus taught Kingdom economics all through the New Testament.

The Kingdom of God has its own healthcare that is released in the glory and through laying hands on the sick in obedience to the Lord and His Word, prayer of faith, the Word of God medicine, anointing with oil, communion, the gift of healing, the deliverance of devils that hold captive those who experience mental and emotion instability, and the Church has to get back to this and stop going to the world! That’s why we have a society today that is so addicted to drugs. The Church is a disgrace because we are making Jesus’ finished work look like it is worthless to our mental and physical health. Some ministers are even afraid to lay hands on the sick because they might not get healed. So then they promote the healing of medicine and doctors to their congregation and now the Church is sicker than ever and addicted to drugs just like the heathen. Church, this is not the Kingdom of God but this is the kingdom of this world system. If it was of God’s Kingdom everyone would be healed and set free mentally and emotionally! Everyone was healed when Jesus preached the Kingdom of God!

The Kingdom of God has its own defense and homeland security and protection for us as we are in this world but again the Church seems ignorant of it and are just as fearful as the heathen and watch the TV and get more fear filled. The Church seems so ignorant when you talk about the angel armies and all of Heaven’s assistance to save us and deliver us, the authority of the believer that can even affect storms and weather in the earth and ungodly governments and Isis and Al-Qaeda and such, the Blood of Jesus that protects daily, the Name of Jesus, the Word of God (Psalm 91).

The Church has been so ignorant of the Kingdom we live in while on this earth but it can’t be ignorant any longer! We are here to live in and out of the Kingdom and demonstrate its supernatural ability in the earth much like Moses demonstrated before Pharaoh and his magicians and demonstrate Kingdom economics like Joseph in Egypt and demonstrate Kingdom wisdom for problems as did Daniel and the three Hebrews who astounded the heathen in their day.

The Kingdom has its own arts and entertainment and sports and media that far surpasses this world because of the Creator in us!

The Kingdom of God has all the answers to solve problems in this world. The Church is not to be the problem of this world for we are the answer to the problems of this world. They need the Church because the answers are in us! In the Kingdom of God the Church has the mind of Christ and we know all things.

The Kingdom of God has its own education that comes by the Word of God and the counsel and wisdom of the Spirit of God who knows all things. Mere men use logic and reasoning and trial and error but in the Kingdom the Word of God and the voice of our spirit by the Holy Spirit is our wisdom and counsel. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. In the Kingdom we are smarter than all the intellectuals this world puts up against us just as it was in Daniel and the three Hebrews’ day.

The Kingdom of God has its own justice system where right and truth prevail. Examples of this we see when God delivered His people out of the oppression and rule of godless kings and ungodly laws like Daniel and the three Hebrews and Esther and the Jews.

The Kingdom of God has its own currency to deliver the Church and the heathen from this spirit of mammon that runs this money system. Money is the god of this world and the low level anointing of this world system but the currency of Heaven that can meet the needs, wants, dreams and desires of every Christian is faith. Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of Heaven. That’s why you should never again say, “All I need is more money.” No you should say, “All I need is to use my faith and put faith to work on it.” When you have faith as your currency, you may not have money but faith far exceeds what money can do for no one can say no to God when He speaks to them to help you or give to you. God has innumerable ways to get things to you that money never can get to you. So use faith and get out of the control of the money system of this world that might just lead to the mark of the beast and then what are you going to do if you have no money or mark? I tell you what you are going to do! You are going to use faith as your currency and that means right now!

The Kingdom has the law of love that will bless any marriage and family and single person. The law of love is the supreme law and it is what all makes things in the Kingdom guaranteed to manifest in the earth in your life. The law of love is what blesses marriage and family and single life and produces, creates days of Heaven upon the earth. The law of love makes you live in Eden and on top of the world!

What I have shared with you, don’t you see we need the Kingdom operation working in the Church and the world around us! We have to bring the Kingdom to the world! We have to preach the Kingdom in the Church and outside and demonstrate it so the heathen will see the miracles and signs and wonders and want to know our God and His Kingdom!

I declare we will be people of the Kingdom in this time because we have left this world system and we will be people of distinction as we live in the Kingdom and by the Kingdom and it is demonstrated even in our lives.

The kingdom of this world is coming to an end and now the Church has to get revelation of the Kingdom as never before. I am here on the web to help you with that with articles and blog and audios. So you have no excuse for not knowing your Kingdom and living in it. So seek the Kingdom now as never before and leave this failing system out there and share it with other believers! The Church has to live in the Kingdom now! Here’s a link to my audios on the Kingdom of God I have recorded for you to get started: httpsssss://godswordalive.com/media.html